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Siemens Healthineers is helping manufacture the future


Siemens Healthineers‘ portfolio includes diagnostic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and advanced therapies, such as mobile C-arms and hybrid operating rooms. The division is part of Siemens, an international company based in Germany.

With roots that date back to DuPont, Siemens’ 123-acre Glasgow site houses reagent manufacturing, global engineering and assay development, training, sales and marketing, IT and customer support functions. It’s also has a distribution building for steam and cooling, which is supplied to the other buildings for environmental control. More than 1,400 employees work here. Lee Kieffer is vice president of manufacturing.

Q: What is the history of this site?

Lee Kieffer: Our history goes back to 1968, and our legacy roots go back to DuPont,

Lee Kieffer

Lee Kieffer

like many longstanding companies in Delaware. In 1997, we were sold to Dade International, which became Dade Behring. In 2007, Siemens purchased the company. This is our 50th year of existence in Delaware producing clinical chemistry

and immunoassay diagnostic tests for the health care industry.

Q: Were the diagnostic tests groundbreaking in 1968?

LK: Yes, it was innovative. Over the years, with the advent of computer technology, automation and software “¦ our portfolio has evolved. We’re doing state-of-the-art work providing test results faster and in a more economical way for the customer.

Q: What are some of the product lines?

LK: ADVIA Chemistry, Dimension, Dimension Vista, Syva, Stratus C3 and OEM Products. The Atellica Solution is a [flexible, scalable, automation-ready solution for laboratory diagnostics with sample management and immunoassay and chemistry-analyzer components]. It’s innovative in taking the best of all of our product portfolios and putting them into one unified platform. It has patented technologies to move samples through the family of analyzers in a very quick and efficient manner. [The Glasgow facility manufacturers reagents and consumables for the Atellica portfolio.]

Q: Why is Delaware a good place for this business?

LK: I think Delaware is very favorable to business, and manufacturing in particular. We collaborate with Delaware Technical Community College and the University of Delaware to make sure they have a clear understanding of our needs. They’re attentive at making sure they’re developing personnel at all levels, from scientists to technicians of various types.

Q: What subjects should students study if they want to work at the Glasgow site?

LK: It’s a rather large spectrum, from engineering to biology to chemistry and biomedical science and biomedical engineering.

Q: As far as finding talent, is this a good area?

LK: Yes, the whole mid-Atlantic area is, from Philadelphia and Wilmington into New Jersey and down to Baltimore. There are a lot of biotechnology hubs. There are medical device and diagnostic-related plants like us. There are a lot of resources available.


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