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Digital Service Providers Find Fast Growth in Delaware

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Delaware companies are able to provide immediate solutions to clients’ problems while making sure their internal procedures are preserved – and improved – thanks to greater technological protocols.

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Take Extreme Scale Solutions, which helps customers standardize and combine their data into more manageable bundles that eliminate hardware, focus on best practices and allow for a much more streamlined approach to managing information and doing business.

Then there’s Trinity Logistics, which uses technology to quickly link customers with its expansive network of more than 30,000 carriers, cutting down on the significant logistics involved in international shipping.

At the same time, organizations like HeliumIQ are collaborating with educational institutions to cultivate tech entrepreneurship in the next generation, and OpenBracket is bringing the nation’s most talented coders to Delaware for its annual conference.

With this promising infrastructure already in place, there’s no doubt that Delaware will be front and center in the ongoing tech revolution. As artificial intelligence grows in influence, and greater, quicker problem-solving power becomes available to Delaware companies, there is no sign that the state’s digital enterprise landscape is slowing down.

Trends and Key Facts

1. Broadband access is expanding throughout Delaware, thanks to public-private partnerships initiated by the state. Since 2010, Delaware’s Broadband Mapping Project has awarded $3.1 million in federal grants for Delaware’s Broadband Initiative. The goal is to work toward greater saturation of the First State, with an emphasis on more sparsely populated areas that aren’t as attractive to providers. Still, Delaware residents had 98 percent coverage in 2017, and only 9 percent of residents were underserved. By offering incentives, the Department of Technology and Information is working to improve on Delaware’s number-three ranking among states in internet access and speed. The top five fastest cities for broadband in the state are Millsboro, Seaford, Bear, Middletown and Milton.

Source: James Collins, Chief Information Officer, State of Delaware; Broadband Now

2. No matter how fast broadband connections may be and how easily people can get their data from the cloud, that information must be warehoused and condensed so that it is more manageable and able to be stored more effectively. Companies such as Delaware’s Extreme Scale Solutions are developing protocols and products that allow for databases to be combined into fewer servers, the better to allow for streamlined operations.

3. Since it began in 2013, Delaware’s Broadband Grant Fund has helped companies expand service throughout the state. For instance, from 2015″“16, 350 miles of fiber optics were added.
Source: Government Technology Magazine

4. Companies such as Trinity Logistics are creating digital enterprise applications that will allow businesses to provide faster, more responsive service to their customers. By developing more sophisticated processes, businesses are able to anticipate needs and react to requests more quickly and efficiently, providing solutions that are more accurate and precise. ID

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