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Air Liquide opens advanced fabrication center in Newark


Air Liquide and its U.S. subsidiary, Airgas, on Wednesday inaugurated the Advanced Fabrication Center (AFC) at the Air Liquide Delaware Innovation Campus “‹in Newark. The AFC helps industrial customers adopt new manufacturing technologies and production processes.

“Air Liquide is devoted to innovation through application-focused research development and technological solutions. said Michael Graff”‹, chairman & CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. “The AFC provides new, state-of-the-art facilities to support customer centric projects, improve and develop more efficient manufacturing technologies and encourage innovation to help sustainably meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

The center was created to support the largest metals fabrication market in the U.S. The AFC will deliver a continuous flow of development projects, including affiliate operation support, key innovations and exploratory R&D.

Air Liquide’s manufacturing expertise in welding gases and advanced fabrication processes will be on display to manufacturing customers at the center.

The AFC involves customers and industrial collaborators early in the innovation process to address technological challenges, including finding optimal process gas compositions to process efficiency and operation’s safety, health and sustainability.


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