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Developing and Building All Year Long


STUFF Made and Built in Delaware is a workforce development tool. It has always been created for young people seeking a good paying job and career path without the requirement of a four-year college degree. STUFF has always been about companies that offer such opportunities and actively seek such individuals.

To be more conducive to the real purpose of this magazine, it is being re-titled for 2021: CAREERS&STUFF.

STUFF has included great stories in a visually engaging presentation about the products and services made and built in the First State. STUFF has also showcased some of the resources revolutionizing academic career planning and hiring. It has accommodated companies and organizations that wanted to tell their stories.

In late September, Delaware Business Times will serve as the perfect vehicle to carry CAREERS&STUFF Magazine, which will showcase four key sectors: Construction (the Trades), Manufacturing, Health Care, and Financial Services.

The publication is entirely funded by advertising and sponsorship partners. Please consider adding your organization’s profile to this recruitment tool.

To inquire about details, call 302-504-1276. Or email Advertising@delawarebusinesstimes.com or click here for more information.

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