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Waste Masters Teams Up With Philadelphia Eagles To Expand Go Green Efforts


Steve Masterson
co-owner of Waste Masters Solutions

The Philadelphia Eagles and Waste Masters Solutions will take their green efforts to the next level by installing the Eco-Safe Digester® and analytics platform at Lincoln Financial Field. Designed to optimize efficiency and proper disposal of food waste, this eco-friendly mechanism is evidence of the Philadelphia Eagles commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Waste Master Solutions will work with BioHiTech Global, a green technology company, to help decompose pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste which will be safely discharged to a standard sewer line. It’s a cost-effective and responsible solution for disposal of food waste.

Since a waste digester was installed at the team’s practice facility, the NovaCare Complex, last September, the organization has diverted 9 tons of food waste from landfills.

“Actions always speak louder than words,” said Steve Masterson, Waste Masters Solutions President & CEO. “Waste Masters is privileged and honored to partner with such world-class organizations that care so much about our environment.”

The Eagles became second team to receive LEED certification for Lincoln Financial Field from the US Green Building Council in 2013. The organization recycles more than 850 tons of material each year. Jeff Miller, Eagles senior vice president of operations, spearheaded the GoGreen program in 2003 with the opening of the Lincoln Field facility that feature green energy production through wind and sun energy that produces 4 Megawatts of energy per year.

Other eco-friendly efforts currently in place are recycling, composting, energy and water conservation, reforestation and sustainability partners. One hundred percent of waste is diverted from landfills.

“As an organization that takes our ecological efforts very seriously, we are constantly evaluating and fine-tuning our sustainability model so that we can continue to reduce our overall impact,” said Miller. “Thanks to Waste Masters Solutions, I am fully confident that the implementation of this new bio-digester will help make our waste program more efficient.”


An Air Force veteran from Texas, Steve Masterson co-founded Waste Masters Solutions. Waste Masters services the tri-state area with commercial and industrial waste minimization, recycling and waste removal services. Steve is proud of his dedicated team, capable of handling large companies from PBF Refineries and 3M to the local businesses and small entrepreneurs, which he believes are the lifeline of our country. Waste Masters is large enough to get the job done, small enough to care.

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