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The Future of Video Conferencing and Your Business

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Video conferencing tools have been in the business community for over a decade, but the pandemic escalated the need and overall use of video conferencing solutions. Using Teams, Zoom, etc. has become second nature for many of us. So, to answer the question, of whether video conferencing is here to stay the answer seems obvious. Maybe a more appropriate question is what changes are you making to incorporate video conferencing into your strategic plan? In a corporate setting, the accessibility, function, and setup of your video conferencing system speaks volumes to your clients, vendors, and team. In this article, you will learn how to elevate your video conferencing system by examining your organization’s needs, requirements, and overall branding.

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While video conferencing can be facilitated on any device that has internet access, like your phone, tablet, and laptop, it may not meet the needs of your team or clients if you are meeting in a hybrid environment frequently to collaborate. In this scenario, a large videowall or large format display coupled with a sound system would be more fitting. It is important to keep in mind that the needs for a large, hybrid board meeting are different than the needs of a one-on-one client presentation. When accessing the video conferencing needs of your organization ask yourself the following questions:

Do we need streaming or recording capabilities?

Do we host large hybrid meetings frequently?

Is our current system user-friendly, accessible, and secure?

Is our system compatible with BYOD (bring your own device)?

Are we using video conferencing tools to meet with clients?

Does our video conferencing setup make a good impression?

Is our video conferencing system scalable for future business growth?

The convenience of video conferencing has made it an essential tool for many businesses to communicate with their clients. Your video conferencing software and hardware must meet your business’ needs and requirements; medical providers must ensure HIPAA compliance and adhere to the requirements to protect the privacy of health information. Similarly, other industries may have requirements that are unique to their specific offerings that will dictate what system they use.

Finally, remember the expression, you only get one chance to make a first impression? An investment in your audiovisual system for video conferencing is an investment in making a good impression. Your video conferencing setup says something about you, your business, and your overall branding. Not all video conferencing hardware is equal and not all video conferencing software is equal. Choosing a system that accurately represents your professionalism and company branding is imperative since video conferencing for business is here to stay.

Creating an audiovisual system that your team can easily use, meets the needs/requirements of your organization, and makes a positive first impression requires an investment, but it will pay off with dividends in the future. The team at Assurance Media has over a decade of experience designing and installing industry-leading video conferencing systems for clients in the Mid-Atlantic. Meet with one of our AV designers today to make video conferencing a part of your organization’s overall strategic plan. You can easily contact our team online at https://assurancemedia.com/contact-us/

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