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Save Your Delaware Business Money and GO GREEN


Steve Masterson
co-owner of Waste Masters Solutions

Going Green is not only good for business; it is good for your wallet. Save your business money while helping to lessen your carbon footprints by implementing these policies for your office.

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money and the Environment:

1) Implement a “˜Smart Energy’ Plan: Optimize your energy usage by powering solely the electronic equipment in use and lighting only in occupied spaces. Supply all employees with a “˜Smart’ power strip to cut back on “˜phantom load’, a senseless drain on power when devices are not on.

2) Skip the Paper: When possible, skip paper and implement a paper recycling policy throughout the office. Use PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) Paper Products; these paper and packaging products use 45% less energy to produce and create half the waste than that of the traditional papermaking process.

3) Energy Efficient Lighting: Re-lamp the office using compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights.Yes, these bulbs are more expensive than standard incandescent bulbs, but they use much less energy and last a lot longer. It could possible save you up to $200 per bulb over time.

4) Recycling Policy: Create a recycling area within easy access with clearly labeled bins to recycle cardboard, plastics, glass, CDs, batteries, fluorescent tubes, IT equipment, etc”¦

5) Install Water Hippos: Water conservation is another great way to go green. Placing water hippos in toilet cisterns will reduce the amount of water used for each flush.

6) Re-usable Coffee Cup: Avoid senseless waste at the coffee station by asking employees to bring in their favorite coffee mug. Cut out the coffee stirrers – billions are thrown out each year immediately after use. Put sugar and cream in first and then pour in the coffee. You should have a perfect mixture!

7) Recycle Batteries and Electronics: Batteries release toxic wastes or metals that leach into ground water and into the air when not properly disposed. Click Here to find a battery and cellphone recycling center near you and avoid dumping them in landfills, at all costs.

Want more ideas on more ways to go green? Here are 70 of them!


An Air Force veteran from Texas, Steve Masterson co-founded Waste Masters Solutions. Waste Masters services the tri-state area with commercial and industrial waste minimization, recycling and waste removal services. Steve is proud of his dedicated team, capable of handling large companies from PBF Refineries and 3M to the local businesses and small entrepreneurs, which he believes are the lifeline of our country. Waste Masters is large enough to get the job done, small enough to care.

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