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What Does 2022 Have in Store for the Delaware Casino Industry?

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The laws and regulations in the United States at the moment from state to state could confuse anyone as you can now find some states with strict regulations and other states where it’s still illegal to gamble. Delaware, fortunately, is one state where you can enjoy gambling with minimal regulations and has become one of the best US states to gamble in because of the abundance of choices that they can offer with minimal fuss.

Delaware has allowed gambling in the state since 1760 and now offers both on-land casinos as well as online gambling, the state has come a long way in terms of gambling since its beginning.

You can check out some of the best casinos in Delaware with detailed maps provided here.

Brief history
Before Delaware was even known by its current name back in 1760, it introduced its first racetrack, this was a hugely popular addition to the state, which persuaded those in charge at the time to introduce even more gambling to the state. Soon after saw casinos and various other platforms for gambling available in the area. In 1935 the first official licenses were awarded and another racetrack was free to open its doors in 1937 which again saw another boost to the gambling industry in the state.

From 2004, charity poker games became legal and then finally poker and other casino games were fully legalised from 2009 and offered to players within the states on land casinos.

In 2012, Delaware became the first US state to legalise online gambling, leading the way for the US to start changing the way they looked at gambling online and on land for those states outside of Nevada.

To learn some more about the state of Delaware, not just about its gambling history, then read some more here.

Current situation
With land based casinos and horse racing currently legalised in the state, you can find three major casinos in various cities across Delaware that offer almost 10,000 different choices of table games and slots, whilst also offering horse racing, special events and buffets for their guests.

The three venues currently available in the state are Dover Downs situated in Dover, Harrington Raceway and Casino located in Harrington and Delaware Park Racetrack and Slots in Wilmington.

There are currently ongoing discussions being had about the possibility of opening more casinos and gambling establishments to the state. With the states positive outlook on regulations for gambling within the area it seems likely that Delaware will see the opening of more gambling venues in the future.

The online gambling situation in Delaware is again legal but it is overseen only by the state’s lottery commission and anyone that wants to play in these online casinos must be a resident of Delaware.

The current on land casinos in the first state are all licensed to offer online gambling, although not all of them do yet.

If you’re looking to visit the state of Delaware then why not check out some of the best resorts the state has to offerhere.

Future of gambling in Delaware
As the powers that be in the state of Delaware have such a positive attitude towards the gambling industry, this can only mean good things. Recently those officials have also decided to allow daily fantasy sports betting or DFS in the area, which again shows the states stance on the gambling industry.

When it comes to gambling in the US it’s clear that Delaware is one of the most liberal states in the country and with this it means that currently just about any form of gambling is allowed in the territory.

The only thing that is really outlawed is dog racing, which has become an outdated sport and is outlawed across the whole of the US, so this is no surprise if it stays that way. The only other form of gambling not yet legal in the state is gambling within your home unless it is an accepted charitable event, this is however expected to be changed and legalised in the future.

In conclusion
It is clear to see why Delaware is viewed as such a gambling friendly state and with such a progressive outlook for the industry it’s also east to see why the future is bright for Delaware.

Whatever new trends or forms of gambling come to fruition in the future, it is certain that the state of Delaware will loom at them and provide a safe and modern judgement on them.

Delaware, which is a relatively small state compared to most in the US, has so much on offer for people that enjoy gambling and with such a positive outlook for the future in the industry its certain that Delaware’s gambling market will continue to improve.

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