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Let’s Talk AV – The Nitty, Gritty Details

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When you think of a Large Format Display, what comes to mind? You probably pictured a large, flashy screen in your mind. Did you know that the effectiveness of these large format displays is dependent on the consideration of small details like pixel pitch, bezel width, and more? Close attention to detail can take anything from being just good to great and the same is true for large format displays. Large format displays were perceived as a luxury just a decade ago, but now we are surrounded by large format displays, where we work, live, and play. The details that differentiate a Videowall and Direct-View LED Display include bezels, layout, pixels, viewing distance, and overall maintenance.

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Based on appearance, the easiest way to discern a videowall from a Direct-View LED is to look for a bezel, which is the space between the monitors where there are no pixels. Videowalls are made up of multiple monitors programmed to display one cohesive image, which results in what appears to be a small black line between the monitors or a bezel. Bezels can range from a razor-thin 0.44 mm to a narrow 3.5 mm. The width of the bezel is often determined by the optimal viewing distance for the screen and an organization’s budget. For example, if the purpose of the videowall is for collaboration and meetings a thinner bezel will be less distracting from the content being displayed to the audience. In a retail scenario, where the videowall is intended to advertise a product from a greater distance and provide an immersive experience a larger bezel width can be used. Video wall panels can be arranged to build a unique layout or a traditional 16:9 format.

Unlike videowalls, Direct-View LED Displays do not have bezels because they are made up of modules, smaller panes of pixels. The modules give the appearance of a seamless videowall, or without bezels. Direct-View LEDs are also able to be arranged in irregular shapes and sizes. The resolution of a Direct-View LED is dependent on the pixel pitch, which is the distance between one LED pixel and the one adjacent. The shorter the distance between the pixels, the higher the pixel density and overall resolution of the display. Similar to the logic behind bezel widths, Direct-View LED Displays need to have careful consideration of pixel pitch and viewing distance, so that the image displayed does not appear pixelated.

Initially, Direct-View LEDs can be more expensive compared to a videowall, but the maintenance costs should not be overlooked. Again, videowalls are made up of multiple traditional monitors ranging from 55 to 86 inches, so when there is an issue with a monitor in a videowall, this results in a whole monitor needing to be replaced. If a pixel dies in a Direct-View LED Display, just one of the modules needs to be replaced which is much faster and requires less labor to replace.

In conclusion, don’t forget about the nitty, gritty details like pixel pitch, bezel width, viewing distance, and maintenance costs when choosing the right display solution for your business or organization. Assurance Media has been designing and installing innovative AV solutions for over 13 years. Our team has strategically partnered with the most recognized manufacturers in the industry including Crestron, Extron, and QSC to offer the best audiovisual solutions. If you are ready to speak to one of our audiovisual designers about a large format display to advertise your product or help your team connect, please contact the Assurance Media team today.

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