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Why Small to Mid-Size Businesses Need Hilyard’s Business Solutions


While your small to midsize office may have a manager for handling daily business needs like ordering supplies, organizing files, and making copies, there are good reasons to keep a business service provider on record for handling the more complex elements that keep a business functioning. From phone and internet connection and data networking to the actual office machinery like printers and scanners, a dedicated business solutions provider can be a one-stop shop that knows your business inside out.

Rather than parse out these tasks on an as-needed basis to suppliers who may not see the big picture, here are seven reasons to consider a dedicated business solutions provider:

  1. They become a partner in your success. A dedicated business solutions provider gives customers a single phone number to call for any and all issues with business systems. From printer failure to voice mail routing, having a dedicated solutions team keeps you covered by a company who knows your business.
  2. A solid networking and cloud system can make your business team significantly more efficient. Whether its networking copy machines to computer workstations or creating a shared file system for employee access, business solutions can economize time and resources.
  3. Work with a company that understands your budgets and industry specific needs. The needs for printers, copiers, voice and technology services vary from client to client. For instance, an architect and or contractor may need a wide format printer/copier so they can bring work in house to be more cost and time efficient.
  4. When is it more efficient to outsource printing versus printing in-office? Should you digitalize old files or keep the hard copies? And what needs to be shredded for security? Paperwork can be cumbersome, but for someone like an attorney, they may need to bill back clients for paperwork, copies, and faxes. A dedicated business solutions provider can answer these questions and more.
  5. Fast, efficient, clear, and concise communication starts with phone systems. Phone systems should fit your company’s unique needs, allowing you to communicate between different teams, company locations, and clients ““ all while helping you to obtain the best value for your technology investment. For instance, a medical office or call center would need call accounting software. And, often multiple offices need the ability to call each other as if they are all in one location.
  6. No matter how well your IT works right now, how secure your data is, and how efficient your workflows are, there’s always room for improvement ““ and the industry experts working with managed IT providers can help you achieve your goals without cutting any corners.
  7. Staying on top of the trends ““ a good business solutions provider ensures that its team stays up to date with the latest trends in business. They stay in touch through interaction with suppliers and manufacturers, and have their technicians attend classes in their regional offices to stay up to date on the manufacturing and software changes that occur to keep the equipment running smoothly.


Michael Hilyard, Account Manager; Susan Hilyard, President; Robert Hilyard, CEO; Charles Hilyard, Account Manager

Celebrating its 60thyear in business, Hilyard’s Business Solutions has been serving customers in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Maryland Eastern Shore since 1959. The family-owned business founded by Charles Hilyard delivers cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed personal service. Hilyard’s provides its customers with a one-stop-shop for document management,IT solutions, office machinery, print services, and more. Learn more at www.hilyards.com.


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