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“Committed to Cleaner Air, Now What?”

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The White House held an Indoor Air Quality Summit on 10/11/22 as a follow up to the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge issued in March of this year.  This summit highlighted the overall benefits of schools, businesses, and government offices improving air quality for all of us, shared new tools and resources, and announced new recognition programs coming soon.  There were panel discussions focusing on school districts and businesses that have been making significant strides in these improvements and another panel discussion around the financial, performance, and health benefits of increased indoor air quality. While little new information was offered in terms of direct guidance, the overall theme was gaining commitment from schools and businesses to use the funds and resources available for better, cleaner indoor air.

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More Guidance Needed
The biggest take-away from the panel of District Superintendent’s and Business Spokespersons was that there is still a lot of ambiguity around the actual steps of ensuring good air quality.  Each panelist admitted they had little to no knowledge about IAQ prior to beginning their efforts.  They each went about seeking solutions in different ways with varying degrees of efficacy.  They were also asked how they were measuring these changes.  Some were measuring their air quality by conducting employee surveys while others were monitoring air quality in every area with sensors. After hearing the varying efforts, it was no surprise that when each of them was asked what they still needed, the common theme was more guidance followed by new regulations to ensure the initiatives hold.

Best Start
There were shining lights of wisdom from some of those being recognized.  Those that stood out the most started this journey by seeking outside help.  Those schools and businesses that began with indoor air quality testing were able to understand where their opportunities were.  As with any good set of directions, knowing where you are starting from is just as important as knowing where you want to go.  Only then can you create the most direct route. Panelists shared that identifying their beginning air quality results helped them form targeted plans for action with emphasis placed on those areas that held higher risk.  These schools and businesses were then able to track their actual progress with follow up testing and had quantifiable results.

Get Tested
While this sounds obvious, many schools and businesses have still not sought out testing.  As we continue to focus on indoor air quality as a critical part of health and safety in our public buildings, it makes good sense to put action plans and dollars to where they will be the most effective.  Seeking the help of an Air Quality Specialist or an Environmental Health Consultant, like Aerus Delaware, to have your air quality tested is a great way assess the strategies that have already been put in place. The Air Quality Experts at Aerus Delaware are also able to help with new, sustainable strategies to ensure great air quality helping everyone breathe a little easier.

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