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Tips for Delaware Businesses on Reducing Waste Management Costs


Steve Masterson
co-owner of Waste Masters Solutions

Many companies spend a lot more of their budgets than necessary on waste management and miss opportunities to benefit from sustainable recycling solutions. That is why those of us at WasteMasters Solutions are offering a free waste audit to our customers.

Conducting a waste assessment of your current waste management system will help to identify which of your waste solutions are underperforming and which ones are working as planned or excelling expectations. At WasteMasters Solutions, we can help commercial businesses and institutions to better implement waste management solutions that will lower costs, offer greener solutions and safer processes.

Effective reduce, reuse and recycle efforts at your place of business can ensure that your waste management program is not only affordable, but sustainable, as well. By conducting a full evaluation of how your business produces and handles waste on a daily basis, you can identify areas where you can improve your reduce, reuse and recycle methods to lower costs.

Reducing waste, such as sending items electronically in lieu of printing or printing on both sides of the paper is not only cost efficient, it is good for the environment. Installing hand driers in bathrooms to cut back on paper towel usage is also effective.

Reusing at the workplace is also a great way to lower your waste management budget. Talk with fellow employees about what they can reuse in order to lessen the amount of trash created in the office. For example, using real dishes and utensil in the company cafeteria, bringing in a favorite coffee mug or insulated beverage cup to avoid throwing away paper cups, collecting scrap paper and using it instead of fresh sheets when possible are all ways to lessen the amount of trash that ends up in the dumpster.

Finally, recycling everything that you possibly can to avoid having to pay disposal and landfill fees is a smart way for business to reduce costs and if done right, might even make them some money. Manufacturers truly want recycled materials back to reuse in their manufacturing. If you recycle materials properly, it can lessen the amount of natural resources that get used to make new products. It’s a win – win.

Check Out This 10-Step Action Plan by RecyclingAtWork.org:

1. Make Commitment

2. Assemble Team

3. Conduct Audit

4. Develop a Plan

5. Make it Easy

6. Launch Your Program

7. Monitor Progress

8. Publicize Success

9. Buy Recycled Content

10. Encourage Others If you need more help on “Going Green” contact the commercial recycling solutions experts of Delaware at Waste Masters Solutions. Share on our Facebook page some of the ways your family has planned to Go Green in 2017. Waste Masters Solutions is a commercial waste solution and recycling company serving all of Delaware and making it its mission to make our community aware of the importance of reducing, recycling, reusing as much as possible.


An Air Force veteran from Texas, Steve Masterson co-founded Waste Masters Solutions. Waste Masters services the tri-state area with commercial and industrial waste minimization, recycling and waste removal services. Steve is proud of his dedicated team, capable of handling large companies from PBF Refineries and 3M to the local businesses and small entrepreneurs, which he believes are the lifeline of our country. Waste Masters is large enough to get the job done, small enough to care.

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