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River Cruises: Feed Your Deep Intellectual Curiosity

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Aiste Foreman
owner of Trabeona Travels LLC


There’s just something appealing about a vacation on the water, which is just one of the many reasons ocean cruises are a hit choice among travelers. There’s a new trend increasing in popularity over the last decade as more and more people are choosing to embark on river cruises. In the last five years alone, about 120 new river ships launched, offering rich excursions to top travel destinations around the world. There are many similarities between ocean and river cruises, but there are some differences when it comes to entertainment, wine and dining, stops along the way, and the overall experience. If you’re looking for a vacation on the water that’s rich with culture, has an all-inclusive dining structure and itinerary, a river boat cruise could be the perfect fit.

There are many destinations to choose from when it comes to river cruises. You can choose to cruise along the rivers of Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, or the Netherlands in Europe, or coast through Vietnam, Cambodia, or the Mekong to experience the rich cultures of Asia. On a river cruise, you can view the pyramids and temples of Egypt while traveling down the Nile, or see the beautiful wildlife of the Galapagos islands in a South America river tour. The United States and Canada also have options for river cruises, allowing you to travel down the Mississippi, catch some real jazz experiences in New Orleans, and more.

River cruise ships are smaller than your typical ocean ship, allowing more flexibility to navigate locks, travel under bridges, and steer through shallow waters when necessary. While ocean cruise ships are like floating luxury hotels, river cruise ships tend to be a little more intimate, hosting about 200 travelers. Cabins are also a little smaller, but many still offer hotel-like amenities including private baths and balconies to enjoy the passing scenery.

River cruises also allow for more opportunity to explore. The ships stop often at different ports, with excursions typically included in the fare. Ocean cruises tend to have more entertainment and amenities included on the ship, while vacationers on a river cruise can visit and explore a different area every single day.

Ocean cruise vacationers may feel sticker shock when they first look at river cruise options, but fares for these trips are far more inclusive. River cruisers enjoy meals, beer and wine with dinner, complimentary beverages, and can explore famous landmarks and scenery not otherwise accessible on a mega-boat. When boarding the river cruise, most of the experience is already paid for, so you can better budget for your trip.

How do you decide if a river cruise is for you? It’s all about personal preference. If you prefer a more intimate vacation as opposed to large crowds, prefer the opportunity to explore with itinerary off the boat, and prefer to budget one sum to cover all of your vacation costs, a river cruise could be the perfect getaway. A travel agent can book the ins and outs of your culture-rich river vacation, so you can cruise along the waterways without stress. If you have questions about river cruises, destinations, or are ready to hop on board, give Aiste Foreman with Trabeona Travels a call at 302-648-5050 or email aforeman@trabeonatravels.com.


Aiste Foreman owns Trabeona Travels LLC, a travel agency in Millsboro, DE. Aiste is passionate about travel and helping others step out of their comfort zone by immersing in different cultures. Her drive to help others experience the many benefits of travel is the reason why Aiste decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle. 

Aiste is also a member of Leadership Delaware, a program focused on developing leaders and impacting communities in the first state. 
To learn more about Trabeona Travels and to contact Aiste about finding a magnificent getaway, visit https://www.trabeonatravels.com/ or call 302-648-5050

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Avatar photo
Aiste Foreman

Aiste Foreman owns Trabeona Travels LLC, an independent agency in the Avoya Travel Network, based in Millsboro, Delaware. Aiste is passionate about travel and helping others step out of their comfort zone by immersing in different cultures.Her drive to help others experience the many benefits of travel is the reason why Aiste decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle.

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