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True Life Tales of Heroic Plumbers


Jeff Palady
Budget Rooter


When a clog or a broken pipe is causing flooding issues in your home, it’s natural to think of your local plumber as sort of a hero. (At least, we hope so.) That said, there are times when a plumber’s actions can help the community, rescue an heirloom or even save a life. Let’s look at several true stories of plumbers who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Giving the Disabled Heat and Hot Water

For a number of years, a Liverpool plumber named James Anderson has been donating time and effort to make sure the needy and disabled in his community don’t have to choose between food and heat, according to the UK Sun. Despite the grueling hours of running his own plumbing business and caring for a disabled wife at home, Anderson spends his precious free time providing boiler repairs to people who need it but can’t afford it-even going so far as to set up a separate donation-based service. To thank him for his efforts, the Sun fulfilled a lifetime dream of Anderson’s by giving him a day behind the wheel of a Ford Capri Mk280, Anderson’s dream car.

Custom Wedding Band Rescued a Decade Later

In honor of “Hug a Plumber Day,” Parade Magazine shared true “horror stories” of plumbers encountering all sorts of problems-but one storystood out to us in particular. During a two-day plumbing project for a customer, plumbers discovered a shiny object which fell out of the sewer line. It turned out to be a custom diamond wedding band that the customer’s daughter had lost down the sink over a decade before. Not life-or-death, by any means-but sometimes heroism comes upon us when we least expect it.

Plumbers Team Up to Rescue a Puppy

Last summer in Huntsville, Alabama, a 7-week-old Australian shepherd mix named Toffee fell through a five-inch-wide hole in her family’s backyard, according to Inside Edition. She spent the next day stuck at the bottom of the hole as first responders and others worked tirelessly to try and rescue her. Among the responders was a team of plumbers who worked during the 30-hour crisis to help the pup get free. In the end, they were able to save Toffee by dropping a net with sardines through the hole and luring her into it. A life saved!

Your plumbing problem might not require an act of heroism to fix, but when you need us, we are here to save the day. Call Budget Rooter to learn more.


Jeff Palady, RMP is the President and co-owner of Budget Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. This family owned plumbing company has been serving their customers for more than 25 years, and makes customer service and quality of work their priority.

Jeff started working in the field at the age of fifteen under the tutelage of his father, who owned a Philadelphia-based plumbing and drain cleaning company. At the age of eighteen, Jeff and his mother decided to open their own shop in their home state of Delaware. For the first few years, Jeff was Budget Rooter’s only field technician, and was often out on calls until late at night while going to school to earn his Master’s License. As Budget Rooter grew, Jeff trained new technicians, researched and purchased the best equipment, and today he manages the operations of the company.

Known for being dedicated to Budget Rooter, Jeff is one of the first to arrive in the morning and is usually the last to leave. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys fishing, modifying his truck, and spending time with his wife and two sons.


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