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Tips for Effective Real-World Marketing

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Taylor Watkins
Advertising Manager
Hockessin Athletic Club

It seems like the term “target marketing” is the buzzword of the marketing sector these days. With so many mass-marketing messages bombarding the public on a daily basis, it’s far too easy for the content of smaller companies to get lost in the swirl. It makes far more sense to targetour marketing to smaller, even niche, audiences who are more likely to buy our products or services. You’ve no doubt heard about target marketing online—and maybe you’re already doing so—but are you making smart targeting decisions in the real world?

To illustrate what we mean, let’s suppose you’re marketing a boutique energy drink made from all-natural ingredients. You’ve determined that the people most likely to buy your product are health-conscious young adults who are college educated and have some discretionary income. That demographic is easy enough to reach online, but what are you doing to get your branding and product line into the actual line of sight of these people in the real world? How much more could you sell by doing so? Let’s look at some practical tips for real-world target marketing to help you expand your reach.

Find Out Where They Spend Their Time

Do a bit of research to find out where people in your target demographic hang out locally. Where do they shop? Where do they work out? Where do they go for recreation? Where do they take their kids? Once you have an idea of their real-life living patterns, you’ll know better where to position your marketing materials to reach them.

Advertise in Local Venues

Take another look at some of the real-world destinations you identified in the previous step. Do any of these places have visible screens or announcement centers where you could advertise? Could you make arrangements with local business owners to feature your product or service? Advertising on the local level is a great way to put your brand in front of a more specific audience.

Show Up in Person

Another effective real-world targeted marketing strategy is to physically show up with your product/service in places where your target demographic is likely to go. Setting up a pop-up booth or demonstration table can be framed as a special event or special offer to draw attention, and it gives you a chance to interface directly with your target market in ways no online advertising can match.

Hockessin Athletic Club is pleased to help inform our membership about products and services that will make their lives better, which is why we partner with other companies to promote their products on our in-club TVs, concierge tables, and other outlets. Give us a call to learn more.

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Avatar photo
Taylor Watkins

Taylor Watkins is the Advertising Manager at Hockessin Athletic Club who enjoys spreading the word about his community. His goal is to increase awareness of great local brands and businesses. Taylor has been a part of the HAC team for over 9 years working in membership and advertising sales. He has an MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of Delaware and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. If he’s not at HAC, he’s probably traveling the world with his family or just hanging out!

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