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Health-Conscious Buyers Spend More on These Types of Products


Taylor Watkins
Advertising Manager
Hockessin Athletic Club

If you’re marketing a product or service to a health-conscious target market, you’re dealing with a group that approaches their purchases a bit differently than most. They tend to be more educated, more intellectual and a bit more skeptical—but once you’ve won them over, they’ll willingly pay higher prices for premium products or services. Let’s take a quick look at what the average health-conscious buyer will spend more money on.

Organic and/or non-GMO Products

Products made from all-organic ingredients (i.e., without the use of pesticides), as well as products using no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), are high on the priority list of most health-conscious consumers. They also know it costs more to make products in this manner, so they’ll gladly pay more for them.

Sustainable Products

People who seek a healthier life are quite often concerned about the health of the environment, as well. For that reason, if you’re able to make the claim (truthfully) that your product was made in an environmentally sustainable manner—or that your company implements sustainable practices—they will willingly pay higher prices to support these practices.


The health-conscious consumer typically recognizes that one size rarely fits all when it comes to a certain product or service. Therefore, anything you can do to customize your offering to the customer’s individual needs will typically warrant premium rates. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss app or a similar subscription service, the customer will find it worth the higher rate if they have access to a personal coach who helps tailor the plan to their individual goals.

Anything CBD

Whether or not we’re talking about a fad, at the time of this writing, CBD oil is currently very popular in the health-conscious community for the benefits of relaxation and pain relief. If your product can be infused with CBD oil (either topically or ingested), your customers will happily pay premium rates for it.

Hockessin Athletic Club provides several in-house advertising opportunities to companies offering high quality products and services to a discriminating target market. To learn more about these opportunities, give us a call today.

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Taylor Watkins

Taylor Watkins is the Advertising Manager at Hockessin Athletic Club who enjoys spreading the word about his community. His goal is to increase awareness of great local brands and businesses. Taylor has been a part of the HAC team for over 9 years working in membership and advertising sales. He has an MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of Delaware and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. If he’s not at HAC, he’s probably traveling the world with his family or just hanging out!

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