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How Health Conscious Consumers are Different – and How to Reach Them


Taylor Watkins
Advertising Manager
Hockessin Athletic Club

If you offer a health or fitness related product or service, marketing to your target demographic presents some unique challenges. The old “rule of seven” still applies-it takes about seven touches with your message before a prospective customer takes action-but figuring out how and where those seven touches may occur can be incredibly frustrating. You could spend thousands of advertising dollars on mass media and social media marketing campaigns, only to discover a tiny percentage of your target market got “touched” once or twice. How can you get your message to these people more effectively without wasting precious advertising dollars?

There is a better way: Through targeted niche marketing. You must understand that health-conscious consumers comprise a niche-a small segment of the population that responds to specific messages. Rather than blast your message out to thousands or millions of people who aren’t paying attention, you need to find out where your niche market hangs out and what marketing channels they’re more likely to be tuned to-then target your messaging strategically in their direction. In doing so, you’ll spend fewer marketing dollars while seeing much higher conversion rates.

What Makes Health Conscious Consumers Different?

Let’s start by exploring this target demographic in general. What makes them unique? Here’s what you need to know about the “typical” health-conscious consumer:

  • They are young (and getting younger).A recent study showed that the current age group most concerned about wellness is “Generation Z”-the under-20 crowd. People of any age can be health-conscious, but the majority of your audience will be in the 18-34 category.
  • They are generally educated. Health-conscious individuals have done their research and know what they believe about good health.
  • They are skeptical of sensational messaging.Wellness enthusiasts have largely tuned out mass media advertising because they don’t trust it-which is why mass marketing strategies often don’t work for wellness products.
  • Their habits match their values.You’re more likely to find them in the local gyms, sports complexes and health food stores than at the sports bar or ball game. (They are more interested in playingsports than watching)

Tips for Reaching the Health-Conscious Demographic

Understanding how the discriminating, wellness-oriented person is different than the average consumer, what are some ways you can communicate with them to maximum effect? Some tips that may help:

  • Speak their language. Remember, your target market is both educated and skeptical, so sensational claims like “lose 60 pounds by next month” will make you sound like a snake oil salesman. Be enthusiastic but authentic, incorporating terms like “wellness,” “energy,” “nutrition,” “weight management” and the like. Back your claims with actual studies-they willcheck to make sure they’re real.
  • Find out where they hang out online. What social media channels do your target market follow (e.g., Instagram, Facebook)? What influencers do they pay attention to? What websites and blogs do they peruse for information? Devote a portion of your budget to putting your message on these specific channels, including guest posting on relevant blogs and newsletters.
  • Find out where they work out. Placing strategic messaging at their local fitness center via video screens, information desks and in-person demos can serve as a valuable touch point.

Hockessin Athletic Club partners with a diverse number of businesses looking to connect with health conscious people. We offer advertising to all local and national businesses. Our outlets include in-club TVs, in-person opportunities and ad placement and guest articles in our digital magazine that reaches thousands of health-conscious consumers per month. Give us a call to learn more.


Taylor Watkins is the Advertising Manager at Hockessin Athletic Club who enjoys spreading the word about his community. His goal is to increase awareness of great local brands and businesses. Taylor has been a part of the HAC team for over 9 years working in membership and advertising sales. He has an MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of Delaware and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. If he’s not at HAC, he’s probably traveling the world with his family or just hanging out!


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