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Top Security System Do’s and Don’ts

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Danielle Scull
Marketing Manager
Assurance Media

Implementing a new security system for your business involves more than simply the cost of equipment and installation. It is important to realize that a video surveillance or access control system is not solely a crime deterrent, but an investment in the growth of your business. So, what are the top Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to choosing the right security solution for your company?

A common misconception when selecting the right security system for your business is that once the hardware components of the system are installed, such as security cameras, NVRs, cabling, card readers, etc., no more costs will be incurred. This can be true for some manufacturers and solutions, but not all. When doing a comparison of manufacturer options and solutions, be aware of any recurring costs. Recurring costs can be software license renewals, user licenses, cloud space storage costs, backup, or service support agreements. These recurring costs can increase or decrease as your company grows or downsizes, as the cost is related to the number of users. In conclusion, do not assume that there will be a one-time, upfront cost for your business’s security system. Be sure to ask about recurring costs and maintenance plans to ensure the longevity and best return on your investment.

When comparing solutions, it is vital to compare industry reputation and available integrations in addition to the cost and recurring cost of the solution. The perceived high cost of a surveillance system often drives consumers and businesses to look for a more cost-efficient option. While it is only natural to look primarily at the bottom-line aka cost, it is only when looking at the manufacturer’s credibility, history, support, and scalability that the true value of the solution is apparent. The value of each manufacturer solution should be compared. The security industry is fast-paced and quickly growing; be certain you are not investing in a company that will only be in business a few years. It is important to research and learn who are the long-standing manufacturers and have established a credible reputation in the industry. Make sure you do choose a manufacturer with a positive reputation as a security system provider so that your solution will offer the most value over time to your business.

When the value of each solution is not examined thoroughly, the customer receives a solution that is unable to grow with the businesses or organization and quickly becomes obsolete. To ensure the highest return on investment, check to see if the solution you are interested in is an open-source platform or proprietary. The open-source platform will allow you to integrate other security solutions like access control, visitor management, perimeter defense, and surveillance systems from different manufacturers to provide the most organizational value. In addition, the open-source platform allows for smooth transitions to new camera upgrades or additions due to company growth. Therefore, do install a solution with an open-source platform.

Finally, before making your decision, ask about the return you will receive from each solution. As stated previously, a surveillance system is more than a crime deterrent and should be treated as such. Security cameras and their software, equipped with extensive and detailed analytics can help any business operate more efficiently. Data from security cameras can help businesses identify and reach their target market, train salespeople, and save resources in addition to preventing crime. A properly installed and maintained premise security solution could very well pay for itself if its data and analytics are utilized to its highest potential.

The final and most important decision when installing or updating a commercial security system is to choose a qualified and certified installer for your security system. Be sure to do the research to find a qualified company to install your security system. Manufacturer warranties are often voided if the installer is not certified directly by the manufacturer. The manufacturer certification process involves in-depth training and continued education for technicians to ensure the installation company is properly equipped to install, service, and maintain the solution they are installing. Many times, manufacturers will only certify the top installers in a geographical region. Assurance Media’s team of technicians is certified by the most recognized manufacturers in the security industry.

Our company has long-standing relationships with the top security manufacturers in the industry and is continually vetting new manufacturers and solutions to ensure we deliver the highest return on investment to our customers. If you are unsure of where to start when choosing a security solution or need direction for updating an existing system, Assurance Media prides itself in being a trusted advisor for all low voltage cabling solutions including surveillance, access control, visitor management, and intrusion systems. Visit our website to learn more.

Danielle Scull joined Assurance Media in 2018 as a Sales and Marketing Associate. In 2020, she became the Marketing Manager and currently serves in this role.  Danielle visits job sites frequently to create company case studies and gather information for various project award applications. In her short time with Assurance Media, she gained extensive knowledge about premise security, audiovisual, and structured cabling solutions. Assurance Media is a locally-owned, Women Business Enterprise (WBE) that offers robust expertise, advanced technology, and regional experience for businesses needing premise security, audiovisual systems, and structured cabling.  Assurance Media enables its clients to improve their operational efficiency and focus on growth by providing these inter-related services from a single vendor.

For more information visit, assurancemedia.com.

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