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Care and Connectivity

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Danielle Scull
Marketing Manager
Assurance Media

Well, we may not have flying cars yet, but we can order a pizza with a click of a button, watch a newly released movie from the comfort of our homes, or video chat with a doctor while on vacation.

In recent years, technology has become a driving force at home, work, and in our communities. Advancements in technology have allowed businesses and organizations alike to operate more efficiently, access data quickly, and ultimately provide better customer care. The healthcare industry has and is currently implementing more technologies to create safe and secure environments for patients and staff. Essentially the care of patients is becoming increasingly dependent on infrastructure connectivity; from monitoring patient vitals, remotely monitoring recovering patients from another room, accessing electronic medical records, utilizing real-time locating systems to protect newborns, and NICU live streaming applications to name a few. Hospitals employing technologies, like the ones mentioned previously to provide better care and protection for their patients are known as Smart Hospitals.

It is imperative for medical facilities to partner with a low-voltage technologies specialty contractor who has the expertise to install network solutions that can grow with the facility and integrate with existing and future systems. Each business relies on a network of organizations to deliver quality products and services to its customers. The healthcare industry is no exception; medical facilities rely on the business community to deliver life-saving treatments and care to their patients.  Finding a contractor that cares about your organization and growth will ensure your organization will deliver top-level care now and in the future.

When choosing a contractor for your low-voltage technology needs, ask about their safety protocol measures, knowledge of Infection Control Risk Assessment Practices, plans to prevent disruption, and labeling methodologies. Think about:

  • What tools do they use? Utilizing specialized tools like a Mobile Infection Control Barrier, contractors can add additional cables or pull cables in a medical facility without releasing dust particles and debris into the air, which would occur when a ceiling title is opened, but not contained. Each control barrier is also equipped with a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner to collect dirt, dust, and allergens in order to prevent recirculation indoors and exposing patients to infection.
  • Do they have experience in a hospital setting? Contractors with extensive experience in hospital environments will be aware of their surroundings at all times, communicate well with staff, and be flexible. They are trained to work in an active, populated setting, while never obstructing the workflow of the employees, or the facility itself.
  • Do they follow BICSI 606-A/B compliant labeling standards? Once a cable is terminated and tested, contractors should label the cable on both sides with the closet and port number. This attention to detail is essential in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment like a hospital. It is imperative that when connectivity is an issue the contractor can quickly test and identify cables to make the proper repairs or replacements.

CARE and CONNECTIVITY are critically dependent on each other in a medical facility. This makes choosing a low-voltage technologies contractor that cares about connectivity and patient safety critical. Remember, finding a contractor that CARES about your organization and growth will allow your organization to provide the highest level of care for years to come as technology continues to advance.


Assurance Media has served as a contractor partner to a large network of hospitals in Delaware for over 12 years. Our experience servicing and supporting the infrastructure of these medical facilities allows our team to provide quick response with no disruption, allowing the medical professionals to provide the highest level of care to their patients.

Danielle Scull joined Assurance Media in 2018 as a Sales and Marketing Associate. In 2020, she became the Marketing Manager and currently serves in this role.  Danielle visits job sites frequently to create company case studies and gather information for various project award applications. In her short time with Assurance Media, she gained extensive knowledge about premise security, audiovisual, and structured cabling solutions. Assurance Media is a locally-owned, Women Business Enterprise (WBE) that offers robust expertise, advanced technology, and regional experience for businesses needing premise security, audiovisual systems, and structured cabling.  Assurance Media enables its clients to improve their operational efficiency and focus on growth by providing these inter-related services from a single vendor.

For more information visit, assurancemedia.com.

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