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Are you Confident with your Video Conferencing System?

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When establishing business relationships and attracting new talent, the technological competence of your video conferencing system is imperative. Your organization’s video conferencing system can either bolster your team’s confidence or become a source of frustration. When analyzing whether your current video conferencing system is helping you make a good impression, ask yourself the following questions:

Danielle Scull

Is this technology intuitive?
Your video conferencing system must be intuitive, allowing members of your team to confidently operate and fully utilize the system. One way to tell if your system is intuitive is to train a new employee on the system and observe them operate the system a week or so after the initial training. If they are confidently able to operate the system, then you have your answer. The addition of a tabletop control panel will give all users the ability to operate the system’s components and capabilities from their seat, without needing to move around the room physically. The control panel also serves as a visual representation of the room’s functionality. 

Are all the components of this system permanent?
When evaluating your video conferencing system, it is important to think about “moving parts.” Does your video conferencing system have too many cables that can come loose, or go missing thus rendering your system useless? 

An easy solution to overcome the frustration of a missing cable, for example, is to make sure your video conferencing solution has a wireless casting option. Wireless casting eliminates the need for various HDMI cables.

Is it flexible and compatible with BYOD?
In the ever-prevalent world of BYOD (bring your own device), it is difficult to anticipate the exact connections for every device.

When evaluating your video conferencing system, ask yourself if the system is flexible? Are multiple inputs available for sharing content like HDMI, wireless casting, or from a dedicated PC? It is imperative to have multiple inputs for your audiovisual system as a backup.

Does the system have all the necessary capabilities?
Your business is unique. Therefore, it is imperative that your system meets your organization’s specific video conferencing needs. Can you utilize all the video conferencing capabilities on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and the other commonly used platforms with your system? Does your camera track movement and noise? Can you record a meeting if necessary? Does your video conferencing system meet HIPAA compliance requirements? Taking the time to choose a video conferencing system that is professional and suited to your specific needs, will help your team connect better with customers, partners, and each other. 

In conclusion, the easiest way to know if your video conferencing system is helping you make a good impression is if it is working for you and your team. Do teammates feel confident operating the system, connecting to a Zoom call, or sharing content? Can a teammate use the control panel to switch media sources or are they forced to frantically move around the room to find the right cable to connect? Is there an extensive list of instructions needed to operate the video conferencing system? Are you receiving feedback about your audiovisual capabilities from your customers?

Consider, is it time to make the move to a system that will empower your team instead of being a barrier to their progress? We can help.

Assurance Media has been designing and installing innovative video conferencing technologies for over 13 years. Our team has partnered with the most recognized manufacturers in the industry including Crestron, Extron, and QSC. A designer from Assurance Media will meet with you and your team to design an intuitive audiovisual solution that meets the specific needs of your business. Jumpstart your team and business success this year by investing in a video conferencing system that will set your organization apart.

About the Author: Danielle Scull joined Assurance Media in 2018 as a Sales and Marketing Associate. In 2020, she became the Marketing Manager and currently serves in this role.  Danielle visits job sites frequently to create company case studies and gather information for various project award applications. In her short time with Assurance Media, she gained extensive knowledge about premise security, audiovisual, and structured cabling solutions. Assurance Media is a locally-owned, Women Business Enterprise (WBE) that offers robust expertise, advanced technology, and regional experience for businesses needing premise security, audiovisual systems, and structured cabling.  Assurance Media enables its clients to improve their operational efficiency and focus on growth by providing these inter-related services from a single vendor.

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