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An easy e-commerce solution for small business

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Cash flow has become a critical component to doing business in the new economy. During Covid we saw an increase in contactless payment methods to ensure the safety of patrons and merchants alike. Many businesses had to scramble for new terminals that offered tap-to-pay as a contactless way to do business and keep the money flowing. We also witnessed a rush to e-commerce payment processing as an alternative.

When looking for e-commerce solutions many small businesses realized that standard shopping cart solutions fall short for many reasons. One of the biggest shortcomings is customized pricing and purchases after completion of service. Shopping cart solutions like Magento or Woo Commerce are great for products like books or clothing, but what do businesses with highly customized options do to facilitate an e-commerce option?

Enter Electronic Invoicing. Whether online or offline, when your sales flow is an interactive process of questions for the customer, providing a list of options available, and compiling an end result with a total amount due there are sometimes too many variables to fit into “off the shelf” shopping cart solutions. What’s more? Sometimes those options and decisions are made on site at the time of service and cannot be pre-determined.

In these cases, Electronic Invoicing can be a very cost-effective solution allowing businesses to offer a convenient way to remotely process payment for items and services. Capturing and transmitting credit card information has many security implications with fraud and breaches costing businesses dearly in terms of financial and reputation damages. It is important that developers use the tools at their disposal to prevent these kinds of breaches.

One solution to this is NTCePay.com which has Electronic Invoicing at it’s core, but has many other options for e-commerce whether the business has it’s own web site or not. This solution was designed to address all of these situations in an easy to use, customizable web based application that is mobile friendly for payment collection on all device types. Social media posts can even be created to share product or service offerings that can collect payment from any social platform for higher audience reach.

There are additional useful features like a simplified shopping cart, an event ticketing platform, and advanced invoices with line itemization, installment payments. Additional features can be added like stored credit card information, currency conversion, recurring payments and much more. You can even capture e-check payments that are automatically deposited in your business bank account.

For businesses struggling to find an e-commerce platform that helps their business collect payments over the internet, NTCePay can fill a critical gap in payment processing for businesses of any size. The best part is that this tool is absolutely free for any businesses processing with National Transaction Corporation. If you’d like to see this tool in action, call 888-996-2273 for a free demo account.

Mark Fravel is Founder and CEO of National Transaction Corporation.  For more information, please visit https://www.markfravel.com.

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