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Are You Connecting with Your Customers?

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Jennifer Brooks, president and co-founder of GOLO

Jennifer Brooks, president and co-founder of GOLO, the health and wellness solutions company, understands that developing a meaningful connection with customers is crucial to building and growing a successful business. The better you understand your customers’ goals – and how your business can help them achieve those goals – the deeper the connection

“The benefit to having a strong relationship with your customer is that it can provide valuable marketing insights and lead to increased sales for your business,” says Brooks. “This is true whether you’re managing a global enterprise or running a local business. As the old saying goes: the customer is king.”

When looking for ways to grow your customer relationships, Brooks suggests business leaders explore these opportunities:

  • Incorporate customer testimonials in your marketing efforts.
    Testimonials from enthusiastic customers highlighting their positive experience with your brand are absolutely priceless. From a marketing perspective, testimonials can be used to help build trust, credibility, and authority with both existing and prospective customers. These real-world endorsements bring to life how actual customers benefit and find success from interacting with your business. Consider including customer testimonials on your website or feature them in your email marketing efforts.“Providing our customers with the opportunity to look into the camera and share their personal GOLO story is a great way to communicate the benefits of our products and services,” adds Brooks.
  • Tell your story with great content
    From blog posts to customer testimonials and case studies, high-impact content that resonates with your customer can help increase engagement and drive sales for your brand. Whether you focus on written content, photos, illustrations or videos, remember that great content begins with a great content plan. Make sure to dedicate time and resources to develop a comprehensive content plan that consistently delivers your brand message to your target audience.
  • Build a community through social media
    Use your social media platforms as an opportunity to engage with and support your customers, not just to sell to them. From soliciting feedback on products, to gaining insights on new trends, social media can make it easier for your businesses to stay active and connect with customers. “GOLO saw a positive response when we designed our members-only Facebook page,” Brooks explains. “This created an online community where our customers can ask questions, get ideas, share successes, and make new friends. “
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  • Reward loyal customers
    Providing access to exclusive offers, like special discounts and early access to new products and services, is a great way to reward loyal customers while also driving your bottom line. “Customers love our myGOLO member benefits program, which provides them with members-only access to support, resources and special pricing across our entire range of products. Rewarding loyal customers with perks is a fantastic way to build relationships that drive sales,” says Brooks.

Last but not least, don’t forget that the most important thing you can do for your customers is to get up every day with a passion and curiosity about what is important to them and how your business can help them achieve their goals.


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