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VIEWPOINT: Central Delaware’s Secret Ingredient

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Dina Vendetti

Delaware is a place where voices are heard.  That is absolutely one of the most unique, most fascinating, most endearing things about the First State.  Delawareans who choose to engage with the state’s decision-makers are given a say in how the future is shaped.  Every person is invited to be part of the conversation. Many know this interesting phenomenon as “The Delaware Way.” 

During the first half of a calendar year, there is a frenzy of activity taking place at Legislative Hall.  During legislative session, law makers work hard to create policies, bills and laws that will move our state forward.  As the General Assembly meets and deliberates, be assured that the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) is involved in those conversations.  The CDCC is the voice of the business community, and our job is to advocate on their behalf for legislation that is business friendly and will support the ongoing development and growth of businesses in Central Delaware. We have built strong relationships with our legislators, and we do our very best to influence their work. 

While the CDCC takes full advantage of “the Delaware Way,” that doesn’t mean we always “get our way.”  Sometimes our opinion is not shared by the majority and sometimes legislation gets passed even though we have spoken in strong opposition, or legislation that we favor doesn’t pass.  Even though those occasions may not feel good, they do not indicate that our work was in vain or that we have somehow failed.  

The secret ingredient of our legislative work is the influence that we continuously maintain throughout the process. You see, when legislation is introduced that seems detrimental to our business community, we meet with lawmakers, suggest changes, and practice the art of compromise.  Often, when a bill that we “opposed” passes, that bill is very different from the bill that was first introduced.  And that, dear readers, is because of the work of the CDCC. 

Over the past few years, as the pandemic shutdowns ravaged our business community, this part of the Chamber’s work became even more critical than usual. 

From meetings with other chambers across the state, correspondence with state agencies, the CDCC worked tirelessly to connect businesses with funding, materials, personal protective equipment, as well as up-to-date versions of all the COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.

The CDCC also worked with Kent County Tourism and Kent County Levy Court to make available a Small Business and Hospitality grant that changed the course of many businesses headed for closure. 

As we emerge from those dark days and return to “normal,” the CDCC continues to speak for the business community, inform the area’s business leaders about impactful proposed legislation, and alert them to opportunities to make their voices heard. It appears that the worst days of the global health crisis may be behind us, but its effects will continue to be felt for some time to come.  As businesses deal with challenges like workforce shortage and uncertain availability of supplies, the Chamber will continue to connect people to whatever they need to be successful and to grow.  

 We are honored to serve as the voice of the Central Delaware business community and happy to use our secret ingredient as often as needed to help create connections and develop successful businesses!  

Dina Vendetti is the president of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.


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