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Tri-State Battery

Stephanie Sutch, Gary Sutch Sr., Gary Sutch Jr.

Stephanie Sutch, Gary Sutch Sr., Gary Sutch Jr.

107 Albe Drive, Newark, DE 19702
www.tristatebattery.com | Facebook

business briefing

Headquarters: 107 Albe Drive, Newark, DE 19702
Founding: 1988
Industry: Retail Automotive
Number of employees: 26
Number of family members: 4

Number of family board members: 3
Principal owner(s): Emory G. Sutch, Emory G. Sutch II, Stephanie Sutch

In their own words

What sets your business apart?
Tri-State Battery is more than just business; it’s a family and has been family-owned and operated since the day it opened its doors in 1988. For nearly 30 years, we have provided stellar service to our valued customers, greeting regular clients on a first-name basis and guaranteeing the best service from knowledgeable employees.

Describe a success you’re proud of:
In Tri-State Battery’s first year of business, owner Gary Sutch II went door-to-door selling batteries from his truck, when he was happy to have sold on battery a day. Fast-forward to today and Tri-State Battery now occupies an almost 25,000-square foot location in Newark, along with two locations in Maryland, with more than 20 employees offering services to some of the largest contracts in the state.



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