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Survey: Should Delaware become a right-to-work state?

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In recent months, Delaware has seen the rise and fall of a local effort to bring a right-to-work law to the First State.

It all started with a proposal by Sussex County Councilman Rob Arlett back in October 2017 to make the county a designated right-to-work area. At the time, many questioned whether a county government could pass such a law. Attorney General Matt Denn ultimately decided it could not. This moved the fight to the General Assembly, where Rep. Ronald Gray could not get the votes to move the bill out of committee.

For now, the effort is quashed. But we want to hear what you think. Click below to answer this week’s DBT poll question on right-to-work laws in Delaware: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DPZDWWG

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  1. Avatar photo
    Nicole January 24, 2018

    The phrase “Right to Work” is misleading. Everyone already has the right to work. If you want better wages, benefits, training and representation you don’t mind paying union dues and join a union. If you mind paying union dues and feel unions don’t offer you anything then you work nonunion. Right to work really means the right to work for less for all workers.

    1. Avatar photo
      Robert May 11, 2020

      Throughout the past 3 years of prosperity Delaware has ranked as number 50 in regard to state GDP growth. These pro union comments are valueless if as a result of strict union laws, companies avoid opening up in Delaware. It’s no secret that most of the
      union type jobs in Delaware can only be had, if you join the union. On the other hand those States that have right to not join a union have
      not seen a significant decline in their union membership. It has caused the union to be more competitive and offer more for the union dues, such as health insurance and retirement benefits. There is no movement to discourage people from joining unions, however those States with the best growth are those with “right to work (without joining a union) laws”.

  2. Avatar photo
    William Martin January 24, 2018


  3. Avatar photo
    Mike waltz January 24, 2018


  4. Avatar photo
    James Kerrigan January 24, 2018

    We need strong representatives who want to maintain good paying jobs. I will fight any party or man who tries to take my rights to a union away, be it straight in my face or the dirty under handed stuff being pulled in Kent.

  5. Avatar photo
    Joe Valecce January 24, 2018

    Vote NO!

  6. Avatar photo
    AJ Casparro January 24, 2018

    Right to work is a scam. Right to work for less, take away our choice to collectively bargain

  7. Avatar photo
    Curtis D. Linton January 24, 2018


  8. Avatar photo
    Curtis D. Linton January 24, 2018

    No to right to work

  9. Avatar photo
    Japhis January 24, 2018

    No right to work in Delaware

  10. Avatar photo
    Gene Ruff January 25, 2018

    No R-T-W! Not good for anyone.

  11. Avatar photo
    Brian Burke January 25, 2018


  12. Avatar photo
    Bonnie Blair January 25, 2018

    No way Delaware should become a right to work state. Not s good thing ‘

  13. Avatar photo
    Craig hoepner January 25, 2018

    No to right to work…

  14. Avatar photo
    Bill Sharpe January 25, 2018

    Greetings fellow patriots. I attended the Sussex County’s right to work city councils hearing a few weeks back.
    I asked Robert Arnett who is the sponsor of the bill! if he new of anyone that this bill would hurt if it did not get pasted, and he said to me I have to admit I do not know of anyone who will be hurt by not having this bill.
    I stated to him that this is political warfare trying to suppress organized labor movement in America, I also said that people who work in organized labor make more money and have more benefits, and that people with more money and more benefits there is less crime in their community, they can afford to get extra education for their children.
    I also stated that lived in this country all of my life and I never knew that I needed a right to work, I also said I have read the Constitution, and it says all rights not given to the federal government in the Constitution are held in reserve for the states, all rights not given to the states in the Constitution are held in reserve for the people.

    I also said I do not remember reading in the Constitution were it said anything about work.
    This is nothing more than a political Strategy out of the communist handbook to suppressed other political opinions and organization, and is designed to try to kill organize labor.
    The people of Delaware do not realize but the Communist Party takes over a state a little bit of the time, small towns and cities until they get to the state capital, they create slavery through regulations !!!
    Everybody should take a free college course on the Constitution of the United States of America from Hillsdale College.
    Bill Sharpe. Ellendale DE.

  15. Avatar photo
    Bill Sharpe January 25, 2018

    Greetings to my constitutional patriots, part 2

    I also told the city Council of Sussex County the people who make more money, can buy more cars, can get loans and buy real estate, and can spend more money if they have it !!!
    Bill Sharpe.

  16. Avatar photo
    Bill Sharpe January 25, 2018

    One of the main tools of communism is to bankrupt everybody and to put them into slavery !

  17. Avatar photo
    William Papili January 25, 2018

    Absolutely No!!!!!! Right to work doesn’t benefit anyone but the big cats!!!! It’s a union busting scam that has been going on for years!!!!

  18. Avatar photo
    Doug Kirkwood January 25, 2018


  19. Avatar photo
    Bill Sharpe January 25, 2018

    The right to work Bill.

    The right to work Bill is designed as a Scam a Rouge, Camouflaged as fairness, but it is Exactly the Opposite !

    It’s designed to create political warfare and to suppress a free people’s voice in their nations conversation of control and fairness A regulation for oppression.

    It’s quite okay for the working people to slave their lives away helping to build a nation for the elitist who do not wish to share the fruits of life, how dare WE the working people have a voice in governing their nation !

    The right to work Bill is designed for Political Oppression of a Particular Group of Individuals, by the two Dominant political groups who wish to have total control in governing the people of the United States of America !

    The right to work Bill’s IS Political Warfare because it is design specifically to destroy organized labo!r, organize labor which brought fairness to all people who belong to an organized labor group, fair treatment to all who were members of organized labor, organized labor has broken down racial and sexual barriers in the workplace, WE Are instrumental in increasing workplace safety for all employees, union and nonunion !

    Organize labor has not only increase financial stability among our members, but it is also increase financial compensation for the nonunion as well !.

    The two political parties see organize labor as the biggest political threat to their existence, they know that organize labor increases the wages and benefits for their members and their families, increases the intellectual and educational process for members and their children, supplies them with a fair wage , good health benefits, and retirement, something the government is incapable of doing !.

    The government or the two dominant political parties cannot provide any of these liberties and freedoms, they do not wish organize labor the working men and women of America to have a political voice in government!

    Organize labor Puts WE The People back into the political conversation and control of our government,And gives the average American working man and woman of voice back in government. !.

    The right to work Bill is nothing more than a tool out of the toolbox of the Communist Party,and is part of the King’s rule of law !

    Bill Sharpe, international brotherhood of elevator constructors local five.

  20. Avatar photo
    Thomas Hudson January 25, 2018


  21. Avatar photo
    James Maravelias April 27, 2020

    No. No one should be able to freely choose where they want to work.

  22. Avatar photo
    Steve Local 1 August 3, 2020

    how dare you coming at my livable wages, pensions, healthcare, vacation , workers rights, family leave, education , family welfare, sick leave, overtime and the list goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try getting those rights by yourself …… Or try by thousands of workers united! United ,We bargain , Divided we beg! Let me guess, Chicken Farms want more $! They already have mexicians doing it for nothing.And these are the people elected lol. Look up Vance Muse and you will see the meaning of RTW. So no to right to work.Try taking my union book out of my hands.

  23. Avatar photo
    Angela Harris March 15, 2021

    “Right to Work” is the same as “right to work for low wages” and not be able to ask for worker’s rights, family/maternity leave, pensions, vacation, et cetera. Greedy Employers and Corporations have been chipping away at worker’s rights and pay since the 1970’s; and eliminating unions or limiting their strength is what the Greedy employer must do in order to take away all of the advantageous of unions. Wake up America! The reason we enjoy lunch breaks, vacations, sick time, social security, 8 hour work days, child labor law, 40 hour work week, overtime pay, have work place safety standards, employer paid healthcare, sexual harassment law, whistleblower law, age discrimination in employment, VET Services, Americans w/disability act, holiday pay, employer dental/vision, privacy rights, military leave, laws ending sweatshops, wrongful termination, unemployment insurance, equal pay (unions require employer pay men and women equal). Greedy Employers and Corporations must be stopped from implementing right to work laws! Our legislators need to do what’s best for their constituents and not keep compromising our future for re-election dollars. Enough is enough – vote out all the elected officials who support this bill because they obviously don’t care about your family’s future.


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