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Superman or just the class clown?

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What does your Halloween costume say about your office personality? Pollfish, the mobile survey company, surveyed 1,000 people about their dress-up plans and discerned what your dress-up style says about your work style.

If you’re dressing up as Superman, chances are you’re the “class clown” of the office. According to the survey, one in three respondents who plan to dress as a superhero self-identify as workplace jokesters. The office “cheerleader” is least likely to dress as a superhero.

Planning to go as Lady Gaga to this year’s Halloween event? Then you’re probably “the leader” in your workplace. About 25 percent of employees whose Halloween costumes are inspired by pop culture identify themselves as the office leader.

If you plan to break the mold by creating your own costume on Halloween, there’s a one in four chance that you’re the leader of the office. Leadership requires creativity and initiative that other office personalities may not be able to pull off.

If you’re going as a zombie, vampire, ghost, mummy, or other traditional Halloween character, there’s a 21 percent likelihood that you’re the office wise guy or gal.

Will you be wearing ears and a tail for Halloween? Chances are, you’re “the shy one” of the office. According to the survey, one in three people dressing as an animal for Halloween self-identify as shy.

This year, politician is the least popular Halloween costume overall, with just 4 percent of Americans planning to dress as Hillary or Trump. If you are one of those few people, there’s a 25 percent chance you’re one of the “class clowns.”

If you’re dressing up as Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, or another historical figure, you just might be shy. About 36 percent of those dressing as a historical figure self-identify as “the shy one” of the workplace.

Planning to dress up as a nurse, firefighter, or police officer? According to the survey, there’s a 32 percent chance you’re “the shy one” of the office.

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