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Robert Wilson (L)

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State Representative District 7

If elected, what would be your top three legislative initiatives?

  • Jobs … but quit buying them to come to Delaware.
  • STOP the suspension of rules at the end of every legislative session. Force everyone to do their job in a timely manner and allow the public to voice their opinions.
  • Our short-term debt is not good, long term is worse.

If elected, what would be the one piece of legislation that you would repeal from this past session?
The $425 million bond bill.


Do you support…

Right to Work legislation, including Enterprise Zones, and if elected, will you work to get the law enacted in Delaware?

Strengthening federal, state and private investment to build an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem?
Yes, probably.


Do you support…

Reducing centralized State control over education and giving more autonomy and control over the operation of the education system to local county boards of education?
Yes. We’re doing a poor job at a high cost.

In favor of consolidating Delaware’s 19 school districts to a smaller number?

The City of Wilmington forming its own school district?

The adoption of measures which would redirect per capita state and local Board of Education administrative costs into the classroom, knowing that Delaware is near the top of the nation in per capita central administration expenditures?

Expanded education choice such as charter schools, education savings accounts, vouchers and homeschooling options?
Yes, very much.

The moratorium on new charter schools?


Do you support…

An increase on the Motor Fuel Tax in order to support capacity expansion?

The development of additional natural gas capacity and pipelines to Kent and Sussex counties?

The creation of incentives and the easing of hurdles to foster accelerated growth of broadband service Sussex County?

The state of Delaware continuing to force taxpayers to fund beach infrastructure in the face of rising sea levels that threaten continued use of existing beachfront?

A statewide reassessment of property values?

Elimination of a property tax exemption for qualified senior citizens?


Do you support…

Mandatory and regular across-the-board legislative audits and performance review of all spending units in state government?

Granting broader statutory powers to the Office of the Attorney General to assist the legislative auditor in audit and investigatory programs for all spending units of state government

A move toward ensuring that State employee benefits are commensurate with the private sector?

The redevelopment of industrial sites that have lost their grandfathered status under the Coastal Zone Act?

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