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Rep. Rochester introduces bill to help farmers impacted by Trump trade policy


Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester today introduced a bill to extend federal trade assistance to farmers, growers and producers negatively impacted by President Donald Trump’s trade policy.

Since the Trump administration implemented new tariffs on the import of steel and aluminum from China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union, a number of countries have responded by raising tariffs on American-made goods, including agricultural products.

This bill would expand the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which provides aid to affected workers, to the agricultural industry.

“While there is a real need to hold China and bad actors accountable for trade imbalances and currency manipulation, we cannot do it through policies that harm the proud farmers and growers who help feed the world,” said Rochester. “In an already difficult agricultural economy, the Administration’s trade actions and the retaliatory tariffs they triggered have made it even more difficult for family farmers to sell their crops and make ends meet.”

“Our farmers want help to stay competitive while they find new markets to sell their crops and commodities. The Trade Assistance for Farmers Act will provide a permanent fix to help impacted farmers, growers, and businesses get the assistance they need in current and future agricultural markets.”


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