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Delaware legislature approves 40% renewable energy goal


State lawmakers have approved an increase in the target renewable energy rate for Delaware to 40% by 2035, which the governor has said he would sign. | PHOTO COURTESY OF ZBYNEK BURIVAL/UNSPLASH DOVER – A bill to push Delaware’s renewable energy mandate up to 40% by 2035 flew through both sides

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    John A. Nichols February 3, 2021

    The leveled cost and the capital cost, according to the EIA, identifies Bloom’s solid oxide fuel cell technology as the most expensive source of electricty generation on earth. Bloom can not compete without massive subsidies. The same can be said about wind and solar. This REPSA legislation was passed to assure special interests continue to give money to politicians. It certainly has nothing to do with global warming.

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    The Delaware legislature bill to increase renewable electricity to 40% would raise costs for almost every person in Delaware: every person with an electric bill and every person and business buying products or services which use electricity. The only ones gaining would be renewable energy suppliers and politicians hoping for donations and votes. There would be no effect on climate. It might create a few jobs but it would destroy many more by taking millions of dollars out of the economy which could be used for other things besides electricity costs.


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