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Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long presents Delaware’s plan as model to fight addiction


Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long  attended the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association Conference in Nashville last month to present Delaware’s plan to fight the addiction epidemic.

“States across the country are dealing with many of the same issues as Delaware, and I think it is important that we illustrate what has worked in Delaware and what hasn’t,” said Hall-Long.

Hall-Long’s presentation comes on the heels of the newly passed Behavioral Health Consortium and Addiction Action Committee legislation. The legislation will be signed into law by Governor Carney on Wednesday.

The consortium, chaired by Hall-Long, will be comprised of community advocates, law enforcement, state leaders, and healthcare professionals from across Delaware to develop an integrated plan and blueprint for action for the prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental health, substance use and co-occurring disorders in Delaware.

“Sixteen years ago, we formed the Delaware Cancer Consortium, which has significantly reduced the cancer rates and deaths since that time and become a model for other states,” said Hall-Long. “With the formation of the Behavioral Health Consortium, I believe we can do the same to reduce overdose deaths, and expand access to treatment for those with mental illness. I believe Delaware can once again be a national model for other states to follow.”


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