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Lex Machina expands legal analytics software to Court of Chancery


The Silicon Valley-based tech company Lex Machina is expanding its award-winning legal analytics software to the Delaware Court of Chancery.

The Legal Analytics platform will provide data-driven insights and trends based on more than 6,000 cases filed since October 26, 2012. The filings include constitutional provisions, statutes and case law.

Lex Machina markets its platform as a tool for attorneys to determine stronger litigation strategies. Users can search the Legal Analytics database using categories such as field of law, damages, rulings, pleadings and case resolutions. For instance, a user could search how many times the court issued a breach of contract ruling in 2017, or which law firms have the most experience in a given legal area.

The company touts the Court of Chancery module as a major expansion, given the business court’s national influence on corporate law.

“The importance of the Delaware Court of Chancery cannot be overstated, as decisions made in this one court can influence the judicial behaviors and decisions on corporate and civil matters across the entire country,” said Karl Harris, president and COO of Lex Machina. “Senior litigators at major corporations and top national law firms need to understand the nuances of practicing law in this court to offer the best possible legal counsel and support to clients incorporated there.”


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