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Know how: Greg Star of Carvertise on marketing campaigns

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Every company needs to market in one form or another. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the room with prospective clients as they gear up for marketing pushes. Here are some key takeaways for companies
and marketers.

1. Take out your personal bias
Take out what the product/service means to you, and put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. So many times, what the marketing buyer feels is important to convey does not have the same appeal to the end user.

2. Keep it simple
In today’s world, everyone is competing for just seconds of attention. If you finally manage to get people’s attention, make sure not to overcomplicate your offering.

3. Create a buzz
Public relations (PR) and social media are weapons. Really effective campaigns are amplified with PR, and the potential for social media follow-ons. Thus, any campaign you start should try to have an angle for disruption and PR.

4. Tell a story
Intrigue, excitement and personality are all components of a great story, and a great marketing campaign. A better story leads to a more loyal and lasting following.

5. The more data, the better
Just because a friend or family member saw one of your advertisements does not mean it was effective. Try to set up as many key performance indicators focused on engagement beforehand, so you can be objective in measuring success.

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    Bill Swain March 26, 2018

    Greg, these recommendations are “spot on” for any company, large or small to help them navigate the constantly changing face of marketing. As a veteran marketer, I learn something new about the opportunities to market through new channels or new opportunities everyday. This is what makes this field so exciting.


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