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If your fitness goals aren’t met, you’re not alone

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I have spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks coaching people to get back on track.

In fact, most of my days have been focused on coaching, instead of actual exercise. Both are equally important when it comes to health and fitness.

But I have to be honest – some of that time was spent talking to myself
in the mirror.

I have been so focused on growing my companies this first quarter that I have neglected my own body. And I can feel the difference. I am 10 pounds heavier than I want to be. My energy levels are down, so I am drinking more coffee. Right now, I don’t feel I am playing at my best level.

A study by the University of Scranton estimated that by this time of year, 92 percent people have failed their New Year’s resolutions. Are you one of these statistics?

I am.

It is so much easier to coach someone else than it is to coach yourself. It is sort of like dating. The people with the best advice are usually single.

I’m spending most of my time right now trying to figure out why some of my clients haven’t achieved their fitness goals.

Were their goals not realistic? Did they not allow themselves enough time to achieve them? Or did they not have the right support team in place?

Let’s talk about being realistic. If you wanted six-pack abs in four weeks but you are 30 pounds overweight, that’s not realistic. Dropping one to two pounds per week, however, is.

So when your goal is not realistic, what do you do? Come up with a new one. Pick something you know you can do or have achieved in the past. This way, you set yourself up for a win, providing the momentum you need to achieve the bigger goals.

About time – let’s face it. None of us have enough of it in our day. So setting a goal to run a half marathon when you can barely get to the gym for 20 minutes is not a good goal.

We all want to achieve big things in life. It makes us feel good. But if you can’t dedicate the time to reach your goal, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

To be successful, you need to realistically estimate how long it will take to accomplish your goal. Frustration leads to failure. Give yourself enough time and be realistic.

I have always been told in business if you want to be a millionaire, hang out with millionaires. So, if you want to lose weight and be in shape, then hang around with people who live a healthy lifestyle and are in shape. Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts.

An incredible support team is crucial to your success. Most of the time, this is what makes or breaks you. We are all going to have ups and downs when it comes to our fitness. Being surrounded with people who also want to live a healthy lifestyle will help keep you on track and pick you up when you are down.

If you don’t already have a great support team, try an online community. They are great for keeping you honest, accountable and the best part is they will not judge you because they don’t know you.

As we approach the second quarter, take another look at the goal you set for yourself this year. Ask yourself – honestly – if it is realistic, achievable and if you have support.

Failure is not an option if you want to continue to improve yourself. Setbacks are allowed, but never allowed to stop you.

When you encounter a setback, ask yourself why? Was it realistic, time efficient and how was your support?

If you answered NO, write down a new goal and learn from the past.

There is a reason I use the hashtag #ResultsAreEarned with everything that I do. Nothing in this life is given to you.

You have to work for it – and work hard.

Nic DeCaire is a 2014 DBT40 honoree and the owner of Fusion Fitness in Newark.

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