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Gov. John Carney expands Open Data Council


Gov. John Carney has signed an executive order expanding the Delaware Open Data Council to include member from 18 executive branch agencies. The now-larger Council, which includes technology entrepreneurs and state officials, is tasked with making data available to the public, recommending specific policies, and forming a statewide data strategy.

The new order aims to increase data sharing and transparency across state government by bringing more agency heads to the table.

“Open Data and data sharing are an integral part of government transparency, efficiency and accountability,” Carney said. “Expanding the Open Data Council to include members from all Executive Branch agencies will help facilitate the work we’ve begun through the Family Services Cabinet Council, and allow us to share and analyze data to effectively deliver services and allocate resources for Delawareans.”

The Open Data Portal, created by executive order in 2016, provides access to public data, including maps, charts and graphs to visualize it. The page has attracted more than 3.5 million page views since its launch.

“Our state agencies have a vast treasure trove of data and we can tap into that potential to help solve real-world problems, improve the delivery of government services and enrich the quality of life for Delaware’s citizens,” said Chief Information Officer James Collins. “Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. By making this information available to everyone we create even more opportunities for innovative solutions.”

Members of the public can recommend additional datasets to the Open Data Portal by visiting data.delaware.gov/nominate.

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