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Future headline? ‘Feds indict Delaware General Assembly and governor for conspiracy to violate federal law’


Sam Waltz
Founding Publisher

Let me forecast a headline and story that you may just read here in DBT sometime between 2020 and 2025:

“Feds indict Delaware General Assembly and governor for conspiracy to violate federal law.”

“In its announcement today that Delaware’s governor and General Assembly have been indicted for conspiracy to violate federal law, the Attorney General of the United States cited legislation that put the state in the drug-dealing business, generating profits of over $20 million to the state treasury as the state violated federal restrictions against the sale of illegal Schedule I narcotic drugs and substances.

“The indictment went on to specifically cite the General Assembly’s approval in 2018, in legislation signed by the governor, that partnered the state with the illegal marijuana industry.

“State officials protested that “˜all the other states did it,’ in terms of legalizing marijuana, by the time the state
of Delaware followed suit.”

“In virtually every state prior to Delaware that thought it legalized marijuana drug-dealing, it did so through the referendum and initiative process, that is, a popular plebiscite, so it was not state governments that were
doing it, but the people,” said the Attorney General.

“In the case of the state of Delaware, the state became virtually the First State of Marijuana, meaning the first state to legalize drug-dealing transactions under the auspices of the legislature.”

“No state has the right to nullify federal law,” added the Attorney General. “That was established as far back as 1830 in the Nullification Crisis, when President Andrew Jackson struck down South Carolina’s attempt to nullify tariffs to preserve the economic benefits of slavery. What the general assembly and governor of Delaware did in 2018 is tantamount to South Carolina’s attempt to nullify those tariffs.”

“Although the Founders gave us a document with certain powers reserved for state governments, and certain powers reserved for the federal government, and although the Founders also gave us a process to change the laws, in any state or federal government, nowhere did the Founders give states the right to pick and choose which federal laws they would choose to obey.

“Besides that, it strikes me that the general assembly and the governor openly and wantonly violated their respective oaths of office, to uphold and obey the law of the land.”

Enough – you get my point.

I understand that the state legislators are looking for an easy $20 million, and no one wants to pay more in taxes. Far easier and better, I guess, to addict the next generation and get it from them in user fees.
But $20 million? That’s the price of our ethics and integrity? That’s the price of doing good? That’s worth having the State of Delaware become a drug dealer?

Delaware has a population of about 950,000 people, almost one million. That’s roughly $20 a person.

I’ll kick in my $20 and $20 more for my wife to avoid having my state become a drug-dealer. Heck, I’ll send the governor a $100 bill and tell him to “keep the change,” cover three more people who can’t afford the $20 a person.

What’s next? When we need $100 million, do we add prostitution? Maybe a special drivers’ license that
allows the holder to drive while drunk (and high)?

What a sad commentary on what this state seems willing to become.

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