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Former TransPerfect employees urge Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to step in


Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware, a group of former TransPerfect employees, sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, urging him to consider the risk of locating a second headquarters in Delaware.

The letter was sent after the resignation of Senior Vice President Xavier Fort and Vice President Matt Hauser, as well as a number of other top positions in recent weeks.

“Most of that team, many of whom I consider to be close friends, is gone. Based on my discussions with some of them about why they left, I am surprised they stayed in place as long as they did,” said Hauser in his resignation notice.

The open letter to Bezos stated: “We have watched our healthcare premiums rise and our retirement benefits fall as a result of the costs incurred by the court-appointed custodian. The incompetent consultants were duped by a phishing email and now hundreds of employees have had their personal information and social security leaked by the data breach.”

The letter also states the group’s hope that Bezos could potentially influence state lawmakers to save TransPerfect from dissolution.


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