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Department of Insurance warns against misrepresentation


The Delaware Department of Insurance (DOI) has issued a bulletin addressing reports that insurance professionals are routinely telling consumers that the agency is responsible for premium rate increases.

“Delaware Insurance Code makes it clear that misleading anyone with respect to the insurance business is a violation of the Delaware Code,” said DOI Commissioner Trinidad Navarro. “When it comes to setting rates, the old fallback that ‘The Department made us do it,’ will not be tolerated. The DOI’s job is to see that Delawareans are treated honestly and fairly and that includes how and why rates increase and decrease.”

The bulletin also explained how the rate-setting process works. DOI, it reads, analyzes proposed increases and determines fairness based on criteria set forth in the Delaware Code. It has very little discretion.

The warning also asserted that insurance professionals could be subject to enforcement action if they continue to misrepresent DOI’s role.


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