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DBT40 Honoree: Chanelle S. Reynolds of Delaware 87ers


Photo by Luigi Ciuffetelli

AGE: 27
TITLE: Business Development Manager
COMPANY: Delaware 87ers
WORKS IN: Wilmington

What the nominator said:

“Chanelle leads by example and believes that the best way to encourage others to perform at their maximum level is to demonstrate her best. She is a strong believer in mentorship and loves spending time advising her mentees in career and life advice, serving as a mentor for the College of Business and Career Services at Delaware State University.”

Social media platform you can’t live without:


Biggest break:

“Breaking into the sports and live events industry through the Philadelphia 76ers organization. Working for the Delaware 87ers has been a tremendous experience from the start and has allowed me to grow as a young professional.”

Two words that best describe you:

Passionate and tenacious.

Work/life balance technique you recommend:

“I will admit that it’s very hard to maintain a work-life balance for me. However, if it’s the weekend or I’m on vacation, I give myself an allotted time frame that I’ll check and respond to emails so that I don’t allow it to consume my entire time off.”

Your advice for the next generation:

“Information is your best preparation. If you want to perfect a skill or craft, read about it.”

In one sentence, define success:

“Success is when you can wake up and say you’ve used your platform to bless others.”


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