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Sarah Ruffcorn

Sarah Ruffcorn

Sarah Ruffcorn

Because of Sarah’s high level of team trust and influence, she is often put in places of leadership to reorganize a department, identify gaps and pull the team together by setting clear expectations and goals, and working side-by-side with her teammates to accomplish company objectives.

Age: 34

Senior Vice President of Strategic Development

Trinity Logistics


Your biggest break: Early in my career I willingly took on a variety of projects outside of my “normal” responsibilities, beginning 12 years ago. I was asked to work with several team members and vendors to solve EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) issues for one of our largest customers. Working successfully with our teams in those small projects grew into being asked to take on larger, more complex projects and roles within our team.

Best career advice you ever got: From my Dad: “Two heads are always better than one.” Along the way, Jeff Banning has taught me how to really “live” that advice by always involving our teams to come up with the best solutions together, not independently.

How you give back: Mentoring and coaching. These have been key in my life and I truly enjoy helping and investing in others to help them reach their goals.

Your biggest challenge: Making continuous improvement a priority “¦ it is difficult to take the time to learn and study to grow myself with so many other priorities.

Work-life balance technique you recommend: To be intentional with your minutes each day, and to be present with who you’re with in those minutes.



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