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Kristin L. Davis

Kristin L. Davis

Kristin L. Davis

Kristin makes things happen, from creating social media training classes for her membership to providing direction for several organizations. She seems to consistently be working toward a reshaping of society to make our state more of an interconnected community.

Age: 32

Vice president of Communications and Marketing

Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA)


Social media you can’t live without: Facebook. Yes, it’s part of my job, but on the personal side, I love being able to stay connected to long-distance family and friends by swapping stories and pictures.

Your biggest break: Simultaneously moving to Delaware and accepting a job in the nonprofit field. I’ve never looked back. I’m exactly where I need to be to make a difference in this world.

Best career advice you ever got: Bear-hug change! Great leaders embrace change.

How you give back: I love working at DANA. I’m in an environment where I get to give back and make a positive impact everyday. My career means so much more than just bringing home a paycheck.

Your biggest challenge: Saying “no.” It’s hard not to stretch myself too thin. I need to learn to be more focused with my energy in order to make a deeper difference with causes or projects that I care about.

Networking group you use the most: Leadership Delaware. The people in our Class of 2015 are all genuine friends, and it’s amazing to have that kind of connection with such great people. I can’t say enough about them! But it goes further than just our class. I know I can turn to any of the fellows, alumni, or board members for anything I need, and they know without question that I’m here for them, too.

Work-life balance technique you recommend: I try to leave work at work, not check work e-mail from home, and tune out my work thoughts when I’m out of the office. It’s not a perfect system (really not!), but I’m lucky that I work with people who understand that life happens outside of work too. Whatever personal time I devote to work comes back to me when personal things come up during office hours.


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