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James Garrity

James Garrity

James Garrity

Jim is one of the most passionate, determined leaders and his energy and passion are palpable; you feel it when he walks into a room. Jim was able to significantly move the dial during his first tenure with Diamond Technologies, and in the six months since his return, we are once again seeing that dial move in a quick and sustainable fashion.

Age: 37

Chief Operating Officer

Diamond Technologies


Social media you can’t live without: I love Facebook and LinkedIn. With Facebook, I really enjoy staying in touch with friends and family who are not local to our area. With LinkedIn, I find it to be an invaluable tool in staying connected to my peers and driving business with them.

Your biggest break: When I was in college, two ladies named Joanne and Rita helped me secure a technology internship with Reliance Insurance in Philadelphia. I had a tremendous opportunity to learn from both of them and the experience helped to prepare me for the business and technology field after college. I owe a great deal of the early successes I had in my career to their training and advice.

How you give back: I spend a good deal of time teaching cryptography and network security courses after work at Wilmington University. In addition, I work with a couple of nonprofit organizations, helping them in board member and technology capacities.

Your biggest challenge: The technology space is incredibly competitive when it comes to hiring and retaining people. Finding talent is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities that I am faced with on a daily basis as we grow our company.

Work-life balance technique you recommend:  One technique that I have tried a couple of times in the past year that I have really enjoyed is going over to my kids’ school and having lunch with them. Also, our family really likes getting away and enjoying time together in Bethany Beach.



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