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Eric S. Klinger-Wilensky

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Eric S. Klinger-Wilensky

Eric S. Klinger-Wilensky

Eric’s work involves counseling boards of directors and special committees of both public and private corporations in the context of potential transactions, as well as negotiating both private and public M&A transaction documents. He is also an active supporter of the LGBT community, and spurred the firm’s adoption of a “tax gross up” policy prior to the overturning of the Defense
of Marriage Act.

Age: 36


Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP


Social media you can’t live without: Facebook.

Your biggest break: Being born to my parents and meeting my husband.

Work-life balance technique you recommend: Learning that the two are not mutually exclusive. There is no “off” switch in a service business and so there cannot be life completely independent of work; at the same time, my priorities (including my family) completely animate who I am at work and so there cannot be work independent of life. Once I realized that, it became much easier and fulfilling, and less frustrating, trying to achieve “balance.”

Best career advice you ever got: You have to spend money to make money.

How you give back: Through past or current service on various boards of directors (ACLU-DE, GALLOP, Delaware HIV Consortium), pro bono work, or assisting at the Emmanuel Dining Room, I try to give back every day.

Your biggest challenge: Accepting myself as a constant work in progress.



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