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DART doubles down on fraud


DART First State is doubling down on bus fraud with an effort to discourage the bulk purchasing and resale of discount day passes.

As of June 1, riders can only purchase one DARTCard for each passenger boarding at that time. In addition, those using a Red DARTCard, which offers a discount rate to elderly and disabled passengers, must now show their Medicaid card or a special DART ID provided to passengers eligible for reduced fare.

Over the last week, the agency has distributed paper notifications of the change on city buses.

“I think it’s important to pay the fair as it’s intended,” said Julie Theyerl,”Ž marketing and public affairs officer at DART. “It really hurts other people if they are participating in fraud.”

From Rodney Square to the west side, men hawking day passes at bus stops are a common sight in Wilmington. But the practice makes life harder for both drivers and passengers, according to DART.

“We don’t experience fraud a lot,” Theyerl said. “It’s a group that’s doing this and putting passengers and operators in a difficult situation.”

Bus drivers try to avoid arguing with passengers, she added, because it causes delays and could potentially lead to an altercation.

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