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90 in 90: Ayanna Khan, Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce

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Embracing Reinvention: A 10-Step Journey

Reinvention and transition: Navigating from previous roles requires an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to success. Openness to non-traditional learning and forging a unique path are crucial in the complex landscape of corporate reality.


Resilience: Develop a determination to bounce back from setbacks, turning difficulties into stepping stones for growth. Let resilience be the driving force that propels you forward in a non-traditional career transition.

Adaptability: Willingness and ability to adjust to changing circumstances and environments are key. Acquire new skills, adjust perspectives, and be ready to embrace unforeseen opportunities for a unique plan to success.

Self-reflection: Inseparable from self-reinvention, self-reflection involves practices like journaling and mindful breathing. Gain a better understanding of your journey and develop emotional intelligence through thoughtful introspection.

Embrace the unconventional: Shift mindset from the comfort of familiarity towards the excitement of the unknown. Adopt a different way of thinking, replacing dysfunctional beliefs with productive ones that create a unique and different future.

Relationships and support: Cultivate relationships with mentors, building a robust support system through collaboration and networking. Recognize the significance of these connections in overcoming obstacles and fostering continual growth.

Navigating realms of risk: Drive efficiency and effectiveness to stay ahead of evolving risks and building trust. Transform your approach to risk and compliance with the right team, showcasing that with collaboration, you can achieve more with less.

Desire to assist others: Commit to positively impacting others and think creatively, reflecting social responsibility. Encourage yourself to inspire others, creating a ripple effect through volunteering and obtaining valuable career skills.

Confronting challenges: Explore the mindset required to confront life’s challenges with a flight-or-fight mentality. Discuss resilience, adaptability, and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities.

Defining your vision: Define long-term aspirations, goals, and the impact you aim to make with your business. Your vision serves as a guiding light, shaping strategic decisions, encapsulating values, purpose, and positive change for the broader community. In conclusion, fearlessly embracing reinvention and exploring unconventional paths lead to transformative success.

Ayanna Khan is the CEO and founder of the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce.


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