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90 in 90: Larry Meli, Delaware Blue Coats

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Talk On Defense
There is an old adage that offense wins games, but defense wins Championships. Championship teams always have an exceptional defense. That only happens when you have outstanding communication with your teammates. Whether at work or at home, verbal and non-verbal communication actually helps us feel more connected to the person we’re talking to and makes everyone feel you’re engaged.

Delaware Blue Coats President Larry Meli

Be Intentional
Concentration is a skill, and each play requires it to be successful. It helps you focus on the little things, whether it’s the extra step to appreciate a client or an employee who feels listened to. And that intention, often in small moments is where we find meaning. To live with more purpose, pay close attention to how you engage with others. 

Progress Matters
The best players treat victory and defeat the same. You may hate losing but you find the lessons in it. And while winning is enjoyable, it’s not about the destination. To change your behavior now, imagine your future self. Make getting better every day your goal. Hold yourself accountable and it will compel you to make your actions consistent with your vision. 

Embrace The Grind
Sprint the floor on every play or dive on the loose ball. You will see players on all levels who want to be comfortable while playing. They pace themselves, so they don’t get tired. Grit is having the willingness to do the little things. The CEO doesn’t clean the toilets. The key is having the mindset that those things are not above you.

Bring Joy
Steph Curry. His every action comes from a place of joy. He’s in the training room, weight room and on the court every day. It’s clockwork, but there’s also a sense of joy within that routine. You have to love the process. It is the one thing that ties all great athletes and high performers together and what sustains them over time.

‘I Play Every Game Like Its My Last’
Allen Iverson played every game like it was his last. It is what made him a warrior on the court. We are tested everyday with more responsibilities so it’s tempting to take a short cut. In order to achieve your success, you must bring the effort and that single minded focus to each of your responsibilities.

Avoid Highs and Lows
Losing the big game can make you feel anxious. Over celebrating allows the other team to capitalize on an opportunity. You will encounter highs and lows. Lows- losing the big client; Highs, too much is placed on signing the big deal. Either can lead to complacency or less motivation. Stay in the present. Focus on the play in front of you. 

Be Positive
The great players do not hang their heads, they don’t show up a teammate. Strength and positivity are shown in your attitude and body language. It’s important that we develop and sustain a healthy relationship with the things we can’t know and can’t control. These shifts will help you build resilience and a positive outlook. 

Be A Great Teammate
The great players are not only hard to play against, but they are easy to play with. They make the people around them better. If you are leading with your ego, it will impact others negatively. When you check your ego, and focus on being a great teammate; tackle the challenge together, it’s a much more rewarding way to live and work. 

Promote Energy
Any successful team starts with positive energy. The best players bring energy and belief to their teams. Reacting poorly to a bad play whether it’s you or a teammate brings negative energy. When you are happy, shine bright and share your light with others. Leverage your positive energy while you have it to those who might need it.   

Larry Meli is the president of the Delaware Blue Coats.

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