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90 in 90: Greg Gurev, MySherpa

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Journey to The Summit

Don’t try to be like everyone else.
Be yourself and focus on your strengths. Just because your competitor sells a service does not mean it makes sense for you to sell that service.

Find what works for you. Do more of that.

MySherpa Founder Greg Gurev

Finish what you started, before taking on more.
Nothing is better than seeing things across the finish line. So why would we reduce our chances of success by diluting ourselves?

Take notes about the things you would change.
Some day, you will be in charge and will want to rely on those notes

Don’t Muscle Outcomes, Artfully Manage Inputs.
The outcomes/results will come naturally. Entrepreneurs listen up. As your journey unfolds you must change how you see your role in the company to keep step with organization change.

I learned this lesson the hard way and it held my company back. Some of us are used to muscling results to get to good. And this is completely understandable.  However as you move to building high performing teams, the worst thing you can do is try and muscle outcomes. 

Define your vision. Break down the inputs and have your team build and tune the process. Successful outcomes will write themselves.

Be Fine Being Wrong
Don’t worry about being wrong. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you think ‘things through and collect the relevant information in your decision process. 

Nothing is as bad as it looks or as good as it seems.
“Steady as she goes” Are anyone in this room adrenaline junkies like me? I love the rush of endorphins. Unfortunately, this is not the best practice for a leader. Your colleagues are looking for boring predictability. They want to know exactly what you want so they can deliver. Having highs and lows is confusing to everyone around you because they can’t see inside your head what you are thinking.

Seek out help from others in your industry.
It is a sign of strength and not weakness.

Help Others. Be a “Go Giver”
The idea is to help everyone around you be their best. Make it a habit to take someone entering your field under your wing. 

Clarity is your friend
Always ask clarifying questions when needed. Do not assume anything.

Most likely you are not on the same page until all parties are clear on the message

‘The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time
Enjoy your business journey, your career. 

You won’t be a bit happier with 10M in the bank than formative years and the excitement of starting a new venture or position.

Greg Gurev is the founder of MySherpa. 

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