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State government workforce aligns with population

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DOVER – Delaware’s workforce closely aligns with the state’s population, minorities represent 39% and women represent 52% of the state’s workforce, according to a report released Jan. 12.

The Delaware Department of Human Resources Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues its annual Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) Report as part of the state’s ongoing commitment to transparency and fostering diversity within Executive Branch Agencies.

Since the enactment of Governor Carney’s Non-Discrimination Policy through Executive Order No. 30 in 2019, each Executive Branch Agency has been mandated to develop and implement an EEO/AA Plan.

“As Delaware’s largest employer, sustaining a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce is a priority that requires action and commitment,” DHR Secretary Claire DeMatteis said in a press release. “Governor Carney’s Administration has remained focused on embedding these principles at every level in every state agency as we recruit, promote and retain talented, qualified state employees.”

Delaware’s workforce, as indicated by the Fiscal Year 2023 EEO/AA Report, closely aligns with the state’s population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, minorities constitute 40% of Delaware’s total population, while females make up 51%. Similarly, within Executive Branch Agencies, minorities account for 39%, and females are 52% of the state’s workforce.

This annual review broadly examines the state’s workforce by sex, gender, and job category, and plays a crucial role in advancing diversity, while gauging the effectiveness of recruitment and retention efforts focused on diversity.

The report encompasses the Executive Branch, specifying exempt, merit, and union employees across all state agencies, including Agriculture, Correction, Education, Finance, Health and Social Services, Housing Authority, Human Resources, Labor, Management and Budget, National Guard, Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Safety and Homeland Security, State Police, Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, Information Technology, and Transportation.

Job roles are categorized based on Federal EEO-4 Guidelines, spanning Officials and Administrators, Professionals, Technicians, Protective Services, Office & Clerical, Paraprofessionals, Skilled Craft, and Service Maintenance.

Overall, the EEO/AA Report revealed the following key insights:

  • On the whole, in FY23 Executive Branch employment levels increased in comparison to FY22, with approximately 12,560 Executive Branch employees across all agencies in FY23 versus 12,485 employees in FY22 for a (0.60%) change.
  • In FY23 minorities (male/female combined) represented 4,838 (38.52%) of the State’s 12,560 employee workforce, a 0.76% increase as compared to FY22.
  • At 6,543, females represent (52.09%) of the State’s workforce, the same percentage rate as in FY22.
  • Minority females comprise 2,928 or (44.75%) of the female workforce, and (23.31%) of the total workforce.
  • At 6,017 Males represent (47.91%) of the State’s workforce, the same percentage rate as in FY22.
  • Minority males comprise 1,910 or (31.74%) of the male workforce, and (15.21%) of the total workforce.
  • Employees voluntarily identifying as having a disability included 224 females, and 230 males, totaling 454 employees.

“By closely aligning our workforce with the state’s population demographics, we have successfully created a more representative and inclusive environment. The report’s findings highlight our commitment to advancing diversity and evaluating the effectiveness of our recruitment and retention efforts,” Chief Diversity Officer Richard M. Potter, Jr. said.

The Department of Human Resources encourages stakeholders, citizens, and organizations to explore the EEO/AA Report and engage in an ongoing dialogue about building a more diverse and transparent future.

To view the report, visit the Department of Human Resources website.

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