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HR Awards: Matthew Esteves


Matthew Esteves
Human Resources Supervisor

Anaconda Protective Concepts Inc. (Newark)

How have you stepped up and taken on additional HR responsibilities?

I started off by implementing a new web-based employee portal, put together a new employee handbook taking the former 15-page book to a new 85-page handbook, and established new trainings now that we have more than 50 employees. I also incorporated HR into time studies of different roles in the company to establish new protocols for streamlining various office tasks.

What are the skills/contributions that have positioned you within your organization as an emerging leader?

I work with compassion but I establish a clear definitive role in HR. Working with field technicians and office staff on different levels and ensuring that all employees have their voice heard. Implementing additional safety trainings and incorporating them into an online LMS for our employees who do not work in the office. This flexibility allows us to stay up to par with safety compliance and knowledge companywide.


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