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Fastest 50: CompassRed, Inc


Photo by Eric Crossan

CompassRed, Inc.
Location: Wilmington

We are a data analytics and insights company. Our team has depth and experience across multiple industries. We use millions of data points and AI to uncover insights and predict trends. Our data scientists and analysts are fluent in a wide range of techniques including regression, machine learning, AI, and many forms of visual data storytelling. Our solutions enable our clients to save money, avert risk, and drive revenue.

What have been the biggest factors that contributed to your company’s growth over the past three years?

We have a team that has experience in developing companies and growing them. We have worked together in various initiatives and companies in the past – and we are all focused on the same vision.

What have been the biggest obstacles your company has faced over the past three years, and how did you overcome them?
The speed of innovation and the need to have an educated client have been the biggest challenge. We overcome this by producing content, developing opportunities to teach, and working with our clients through the new space of data science with events such as the Philadelphia Data Jawn, The Data Lab podcasts, etc.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned over the past three years?
I must constantly tell the story – never assume people understand what you’re doing, especially in this complex world.


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