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Hy-Point Farms

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Hy-Point Dairy is a 100-year-old family-owned and operated dairy processing plant. The Meany family still runs the dairy in the same location as their grandfather (and great-grandfather) and grandmother (and great-grandmother) John A. Meany and Elizabeth did. The Meany family is now the third and fourth generations that work together daily. They pick up the milk from dairy farms, process it, package it, and distribute and serve schools, hospitals, nursing homes, drug stores, grocery stores, and little mom-and-pop stores throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia — many
of them customers for the past 30 to 40 years.

The Meanys take pride in their tenure at Hy-Point. President Jay Meany has worked at the dairy for 59 years and James and John have worked there 65 and 60 years, respectively. Between the 12 family members and three or four other key employees, the team knows each and every customer. The company has one employee (not a family member) who has worked for Hy-Point for 43 years and signs delivery receipts Marvin Meany.

At Hy-Point, James Meany runs the shop and equipment; Jim does maintenance and refrigeration, and Jay runs the rest of the business. If anything happens to any of the leaders, Jay’s son Dan and his son-in-laws are prepared to step into place, and each person understands how he or she fits into the puzzle.

None of the Meany children ever worked anywhere else; the three in-laws have. Like many of the FOBA honorees, each family member has walked in each employee’s shoes, says Jay. From a decision-making standpoint, there are no votes. It’s just the three cousins (Jay, Jim and John) sitting down to talk about it. They go over the positives and negatives and sit down and figure it out. If someone has an issue, they just discuss it and work it out.




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Fun fact:
Hy-Point’s lucky number is 8. Everything is based on 8. All our numbers on all our tickets add up to 8 except for one route — 1919 — which of course is the year it all began.

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